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21 Feb / 2015Program by:
Featured: MayauraLanguage: French

Mayaura In-Ex Corpore

Roland interviewed Mayaura (in French) regarding her exhibition In-Ex Corpore.
This exhibition covers the development of her work over a period of ten years, segmented into different stages in its evolution, as follows:


The pictorial spaces of these abstract works is textured by layers of interwoven lines, either of rows of Sanskrit letters used as purely abstract graphics signs, or of superposed planes of pure or engraved colour. 
The interweaving of these embossed and engraved lines and these colored planes enriches the texture of the paintings, planes, giving them a depth, while allowing the original weft to remain visible, though transformed, as if time has intruded into the spatial dimension.


A period of research into the texture of colour, reducing the use of graphic elements and plunging into the world of colour’s pure luminescence.

2011 – June 2014

I felt a need to instill a new dynamic into the texture of the paintings through movement, nurtured by an intensive course of drawing from live models. 
The body is my visual base, though unrepresented and un-delineated; the medium of a flux of energy, a vehicle of life – the “container” of a mystery. 
Also the body as a work tool, giving, as it were, its latent consciousness the chance to manifest itself, to find itself, to experiment. 
In this spirit, I carried out an intense period of drawing in Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, between February and March last year.

From July 2014

Since last year, I have been trying to integrate and unify different qualities I have been striving for up to now, though -paradoxically- it remains paramount for me to develop a capacity for letting go,  for abandoning all acquired knowledge, for entering “the cloud of unknowing”. The plasticity of the pictorial space is mediated by the body, through the body, in an attempt to form a bridge between matter and consciousness.