Photographer:Anais | Women participating in the bucket head game. Photographer:Anais | Rangoli designs were a part of the event here on Sunday. Photographer:Anais | A women creates patterns on the floor using colours. Photographer:Anais | Women taking part in the lemon spoon game. Photographer:Anais | Gilrs posing for a photograph during the event. Photographer:Anais | Wobbli along with Kottakarai kids at the event.
24 Feb / 2018Program by:

Mirra Women’s Group Sports Event

To encourage fitness and confidence for the youth and women in the bio-region, Mirra Women’s Group organised a sports event on Sunday (February 18th, 2018) in Kottakarai.

The journey of Mirra Women’s Group began in 2002 with Auroville ladies. The group now has there over sixty women who primarily focus on the empowerment of women in the community. The groups reaches out to women and organizes several activities for the development of women but lack of funds have been hindering their progress.

Talking to one of the group members, she says “this year we are going to different villages with the Auroville ladies and organising such sports events, something different from what we used to do, she adds that where ever we find an open space we organise such events or have a gathering because we don’t have a building.”

The group further wants to provide educational opportunity to all women and says that little support from everyone would be helpful in taking this dream ahead.

(The note received from the release: There is a strong perception of women from surrounding villages who work in Auroville that the Tamil Aurovilian women are different and they feel no contact. The sports day program is a practical way to experience the common sisterhood shared by the women and build bridges of friendship and collaboration.)