Photographer:Roland | The new Entry Policy Photographer:Roland | Santo is one of the member who prepared the new Entry Policy Photographer:Roland | Sonja and Kalsang Photographer:Roland | Sinduja is a member of the Auroville Council Photographer:Roland | Jesse from the Resident Assembly Service on the left Inge Photographer:Roland | Auroville's residents the General Meeting called by the Auroville Council
11 Sep / 2015Program by:

Newly proposed Entry Policy – GM

This is the recording of the General Meeting on the newly proposed Entry Policy.

From the Auroville Council:

Dear community members,
We have received some feedback from some members in the community that they did not receive the
massmail from RAS with the possibility of giving feedback. They have over 1500 people in their list already and are looking into why some have been missed out. Kindly write to to add yourself into the mailing list for the future.

In addition to the RAS massmail, the Auroville Council made an announcement in the N&N and Auronet 3 weeks ago with the documents of the new Entry Policy requesting feedback directly to the We had also said that if you are not a computer user, our secretary will print a copy out for you.

If, despite our efforts, you have somehow missed out on reading this new policy, you can access it here:

We take this opportunity to warmly welcome everyone to the GM this afternoon at 4:30 pm in Unity Pavilion on the same topic. Dinner afterward at Le Zephyr!