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04 Sep / 2015Program by:

Off the Cuff-42

In this episode we share our observations, joys and apprehensions on random topics such as Sydo’s visiting brother, the 908 days to Auroville’s 50th Celebration, Wazo explains the layers of festivals as “official” and “underground”, how policies sometimes do exactly the opposite of their original intention and solutions to help fix that, our wonderful tech team, the new sludge plant and if our economy is detrimental to best practices, the development ideals we stick to versus what people actually want and more …



  • Off the Cuff Fan Club in New York

    Inspiring, as always!! The 33% comment was timely and thought provoking. It made me wonder about my commitment and the need for me to get more involved, do more for AV. That’s what Radio is all about. THANK YOU ALL.
    Andrea, I sent you an e-mail a week or two ago. No reply. Is everything OK?

    • Andrea

      Hi Amando. Thanks for the comment! I'm going to double check my mail box. A couple of weeks ago I wasn't so well…