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05 Mar / 2018Program by:
Featured: ShantalLanguage: English

On The Way To Supermanhood

The “experiential” event includes some photography (Ireno), sculptures (inlcuding work of Henk Van Putten), and paintings of various artists, as well as a music performance on ‘singing stones’ by Aurelio.
At the Centre D’Art there are also a couple of water filter machines offering refreshing sound explorations with water: one can listen to Western Classical music on headphone while the water is being “dynamized”. The same water is also available for drinking.
The event is a “silent” one, and to talk to the artists I had to take them out of the art gallery for a brief interview.
Another unusual factor about this exhibition is that each artist had received a sentence taken from the book of Satprem, and their work was produced according to the meaning of that sentence.

On the the 4th and 5th of March Norman will read My Burning Heart, the story of Satprem.
The art exhibition will continue until the 20th of March.