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28 Feb / 2023Program by:

Overcoming Apartheid – Community gathering with South African activist & minister Jay Naidoo

Jay Naidoo, former leader in the South African struggle against Apartheid, and Minister responsible for Reconstruction and Development in the country’s first democratic government, where he worked closely with Nelson Mandela, has recently been visiting Auroville. Tamil Nadu is his family’s native land.

The insights he shares from his intimate experience of how the divisive apartheid system was overcome without major violence and a society of inclusion & unity upheld by Mandela, and of the pathbreaking Truth & Reconciliation process with its rich learnings and challenges, is felt by many to be very significant for our situation in Auroville.

During his short stay in Auroville, Jay met and interacted with a good number of Aurovilians including youth, and it was felt this opportunity should be made possible to all.

This gathering was held at Unity Pavilion on the 26th of February 2023.

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