Photographer:Rebecca | Bindu and Carel
01 Mar / 2012Program by:
Featured: Bindu and CarelLanguage: English

Pondicherry Dump Update

Since as far back as 2005, a group of Aurovillians have taken up an environmental activist campaign with the Pondicherry garbage control. The Pondicherry dump, located just 3 km outside of Auroville, is a smouldering wasteland where nearly 350 tons of garbage are dumped each day. The dump, which often catches fire because of the lack of waste sorting, causes a thick, grey cloud of toxic smoke. For Auroville, this low combustion incineration causes especially serious health and environmental issues because of its proximity to the dump site.

I took some time to sit in on a conversation between Bindu and Carel, two Aurovillians who play a lead role in the environmental activist campaign. In this interview, they discuss the realities of the Pondicherry dump, what has been accomplished with the campaign, and where they hope to see things for the future of Pondicherry’s waste. representation letter} – {pondicherry garbage control