Photographer:PondyCAN | Thiru V. Narayanasamy, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Puducherry Photographer:PondyCAN | C. H. Balamohanan, (Alliance for Good Governance) Photographer:PondyCAN | Thiru K. Laksminarayanan.(MLA Puducherry) Photographer:PondyCAN | Pondicherry, Villupuram, Auroville and Cuddalore (PVAC) Region Photographer:PondyCAN | Thiru S. Rajendram M.P. Villupuram District Photographer:PondyCAN | Marakannam area Photographer:PondyCAN | Attendees listening
10 Oct / 2018Program by:

PVAC Regional Planning Meet- Valedictory Function address

On Sep 11 2018 a day long Bioregional meeting was held in Puducherry, concerning the area Pondicherry, Villupuram, Auroville and Cuddalore (PVAC). The recording is of the Valedictory function address made by Thiru M. Chakrapani (MLA Vanur), Thiru K. Laksminarayanan (MLA Puducherry), Thiru V. Narayanasamy, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Puducherry and MR C.H. Balamohanam, AGG Puducherry.
Also attended by Thiru S. Rajendram M.P. Villupuram District. The various regions had made presentations on their areas it is hoped that a greater cooperation between the districts will lead to better preservation of our ecology, history and livelihood and sustainable developments.
End song with kind permission Ithu Namma Bhoomi – An Environmental Theme Song
Music: RAINDROPSS “Ithu Namma Bhoomi –
“RAINDROPSS” a youth based TEAM from Chennai founded by Aravind Jayabal in 2011, concentrates mainly on delivering social awareness messages to the public in the form of Short movies and theme songs through entertainment & media.
RAINDROPSS is the first team in INDIA to spread social awareness messages to public through theme songs and short films. Music Director A.R.Raihanah is our Brand Ambassador.