Photographer:Rajesh D | The performers Photographer:Rajesh D | Ashramites and Aurovilians singing together

Ripples of Indian Light Classical Music – Concert at Pitanga

Text by: Deepshikha

The first song is a chorus. A devotional piece written by the famous saint-poet Ramdass on Sri Krishna. It is in raag Khambaj and the Table is being played by Tapan chatterji.

Thee first solo is being sung by Lata of Auroville who is singing a Thumri style song which is also love-based and the raag is Bhinna-Shadaj. It is a beautiful melody and she has a silky soft voice. For our next 4 songs Uttam will play the tabla and Laxmi will be on the harmonium.

Next Gowrishankar sings another very sweet devotional number on Sri Krishna, a playful moment on the banks of river Yamuna. It is in raag Gara. Let me tell you that in our culture and tradition Lord Krishna holds an unique position of love, romance, delight and every pleasure emotion in life. He is the delightful god who embraces all our music, dances, paintings and sculpture. So most of our compositions are around Him.

Ela and Aloka, the two sisters are presenting a Kajri extended in Thumri style. A very melodious composition in which Radha invites Sri Krishna to come to her house beside the river Jamuna. Jamuna Kinaare Mora Gaon… Savare Ayi Jayio…. Savare is the Lord Krishna.

Laxmi Presents a Jhoola song which is sung during the festival of Jhoolan during the rainy month of Sravan when we take out the Gods, make them sit on the swing and sing for them. Here it is Lord Rama and his wife Sita. Each song has its own style and rhythm to be enjoyed. You will love it.
Now we come to another chorus in raag Desh, a most wonderful composition, a fast one but superbly articulated.

I Deepshikha will be singing a sufi number, very popular one written by the famous saint-poet Amir Khusro. This describes the union between the devotee and the lord, the joy of their union in raaag Yaman. Now GowriShankar will play Tabla with me.

The last solo is by Uttam, in raag Paddeep. It is a Bengali song written and composed by the famous poet cum composer from Bangladesh, Kaaji Nazrul Islam.

The concluding Chorus is a Rabindra Sangeet in Bengali written by Rabindra Nath Tagore. The composition is stunning in a way that the play of notes between the octaves is capturing. It is more like a prayer telling the Mother to accept the child who has come to Her for shelter in her lap.

Let me express my gratitude to all of you for your patient hearing and a lovely peaceful presence and my thanks to the singers of Auroville who made it posible despite their busy work-schedule.