Photographer:The Unstitute | Adam, master of the Mantra Photographer:The Unstitute | Nathalie, Master of the Mantra and Tampure Photographer:The Unstitute | Manoshon, Master of Tabla Photographer:The Unstitute | Adam uses a bow on the Vishraj Photographer:The Unstitute | Adam and Natalie, after the performance
09 Feb / 2016Program by:

Sacred chants and Kirtan

Saturday 6th, February at 8:00 pm

Inspired by classical Hindustani music, Adam composed the melodies of mantras, sacred texts and words of wisdom. He decorates his songs with the sound of the Vishraj, which has the reputation to enchant the hearts. His partner, Nathalie, sings with him in the same spirit and intention of offering and devotion – Accompanied by Manoshon on tabla.
Adam plays the Vishraj: a unique hybrid instrument created by Adam with the help of his friend Luthier, Laurent Blanchard, from Uzès (France). Pandit Barunkumar Pal gave its name, Vishraj, which means “an esraj, but different”.
Switching between blues and mantra, this is an exception experience.