Photographer:Renu | Sacred Groves- Tahir's house Photographer:Renu | Nursery and Composting area Photographer:Renu | Carpentry Shed Photographer:Renu | Doormitory area with wind generator Photographer:Renu | Office and Dormitory Photographer:Renu | Dining area Photographer:Renu | Water tanks
25 Aug / 2014Program by:
Featured: Manu GopalanLanguage: English

Sacred Grove Housing Project

We learn about the hands on philosophy and experience of the Sacred Grove housing project through its volunteers and project holder Manu Gopalan.
The site is a lively mix of different functions, where the work site includes a small nursery and composting area that is fenced off, a dining platform, a carpentry shed, several containers serve as tool sheds, the living quarters and dormitories are a little set back.
The power is generated by solar panels and a wind generator (built by Jorge) and all these are being monitored by Akash’s Wattman-

The entire site is a happy ensemble, a self contained and busy world where innovation thrives as methods are adapted and the work itself is constantly fine tuning and re-adjusting itself to fulfill and find its potential and purpose.