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04 Jan / 2014Program by:

Sadhana Forest Kabir Music 2

During the second part of the Sadhana Forest Kabir music festival that took place last Saturday night., we had the great pleasure to listen to Moorala Marwada. A Sufi folk singer from the Janana village of the Kutch District, in Gujarat, India, he sings the poetry of Kabir, Mirabai, Ravidas and others. Bhittai.Mooralala, who sings at every gathering, be it a satsang, a wedding, or a fair, at his village, doesn’t believe in taking money for singing; "When I sing at weddings they give me money but when I sing in the name of Kabir

and in the name of love, how can I take money? My parents would always say "Go, serve the world with your song. Do as much as you can. Don’t think about riches. Be pure in your intention. God will never desert you. Money is transient, it comes and goes." (source Wikipedia) His music reflects his purity and simplicity.