Photographer:Boobalan | shrive painting , Vedanth Bharadwaj playing guitar, Bindu Narayanaswamy Photographer:Boobalan | Bindu Narayanaswamy  singing songs in center Photographer:Boobalan | Aviram, his wife Yorit, and their daughters Photographer:Boobalan | The exited crowd with divine soul that apppeared  Photographer:Boobalan | Art and face painting in children area Photographer:Boobalan | Artist who participated in saddhana forest kabir festivel Photographer:Boobalan | Karthick is welcomming everyone for 10th birthday
04 Jan / 2014Program by:

Sadhana Forest Kabir Music 3

Following two powerful musicians, a third group took to the stage. Playing guitar and singing soft songs, they created a very different energy. The Kabir says "O my heart became a dancer and danced, and when you dance, when you hear the drums of the wisdom of Dhayan and the sounds of bliss beating days and nights, it is so blissful that it spreads even to the land of death". Bindu Narayanaswamy was singing, with Vedanth Bharadwaj playing the guitar on her right side and Shrive on her left side expressing the songs as paintings.

It was a wonderful evening, with the Kabir concert ending only by 3am! The music filled everyone with joy and love, flowing like a river out to the audience. Nobody could stop dancing and the artists had to remain on stage for the songs to continue to flow like water, as they were asked for more, more, and more… until the early morning.