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14 Mar / 2018Program by:
Featured: AurovilleLanguage: English

Sangamam Celebration 2018

“Sangamam” in Tamil means a group of people coming together.
This celebration is held in honour of all those who have come together in Auroville in the spirit of collective living over the last 50 years. Sangamam has been celebrated several times over the last 30 years, acknowledging especially the workers who come from the neighbourhood who have dedicated much of their lives to building this township. This event also honours all the pioneers who have come from the world to transform this landscape in the true spirit of human unity.
This edition took place at the Auroville Visitor Center, with about 6000 people coming from Auroville region, India and the world in general. The event included animated events and discussions with young and old the early days, the recent successes and future dreams for the Auroville region. It also acted as a platform for sharing information through an exhibition on the physical chronological development of Auroville and with benches on the theme of endless education that unites this region.