Photographer:Ghea | Paula and Carla Photographer:Ghea | Paula, Kees, Nick Photographer:Ghea | Carla Photographer:Ghea | Jan, Paula, Eric, Kees Photographer:Ghea | Paula and Carla Photographer:Ghea | Jan, Paula, Carla Eric, Nick, Kees

Songs Thorugh Time for Land

Within accompanying or fundraising events of exhibition Art for Land and Unity Pavilion (exhibition is on display until 15th of February) we had a chance to hear last night Songs Thorugh Time, singing for land – a musical offering presented by Carla and Paula.
We have heard amazing voices of Carla and Paula from opera airias , rock and jazz pieces, accompanied by Jan, Nick, Kees, and Eric.

More than 70 artists from Auroville, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, India, and AVI centers from around the world have again joined together for “Art for Land” – all offering their creations to raise funds for completing Auroville’s Master Plan land base. Works include paintings, ceramics, photographs, glasswork, jewelry, collages, and sculpture. Some art works created by Ashram artists were blessed by the Mother.
donations go exclusively for purchasing Auroville’s missing Master Plan land
You can come to the Unity Pavilion, make a land donation, and receive an artwork as a gift. You can also view the collection on our online gallery and reserve an artwork via our website at
Donations can be made in cash at Unity Pavilion, or by check and bank transfer via Auroville Unity Fund to “Art For Land”, or via the Auroville Donation Gateway to the “Acres for Auroville land campaign. Tax
exemptions are possible for land donors in India. Shipping of works from Auroville is managed by donors at their own expense.
IN PARALLEL: Several works are available as
postcards, along with other items, complemented by a parallel fundraising
sale of donated rare photographs of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Proceeds go exclusively for purchasing Auroville’s missing Master Plan land.
Aurovilians and friends have expressed their solidarity by creating associated
events and activities as land
fundraisers at the Unity Pavilion.