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Soul Tracks – Se.03 Ep.09 “A Beatles Deep Dive 1969-1980”

Soul Tracks searches high and low for songs that are off the beaten Beatle track, from the end of sixties to the dawn of the eighties. Gems from George, John and Paul abound from the jazzy to the down-right-out-there experimental. Ringo pops in for fun, too.

Song List:

The Beatles – For You Blue

Paul McCartney & Wings – Arrow Through Me

John Lennon – Nobody Loves You When You’re Down & Out

George Harrison – It’s What You Value

Paul McCartney – Dark Room

John Lennon – Bless You

Ringo Starr – The No No Song

George Harrison – Not Guilty

John Lennon – India, India

Paul McCartney – Secret Friend

George Harrison – Be Here Now