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11 Sep / 2021Program by:

Soul Tracks – Se.3 Ep.2 “A Blur Retrospective”

Soul Tracks takes a deep dive into the rock and pop phenomenon that is Blur. From early 1990s shoegaze to defining the Brit Pop sound, punk pop mayhem and beyond, Soul Tracks’ Matt tracks Blur’s output, history and legacy. 75 minutes on one of Britain’s best loved bands.

Song List:

Blur – Beetlebum

Blur – There’s No Other Way

Blur Girls and Boys (Live)

Blur – Far Out

Blur – Coffee and TV

Blur – Crazy Beat

Damon Albarn – Parakeet

Graham Coxon – Bus Stop

Blur – Tender (Live)

Blur – My Terracotta Heart

Blur – This is a Low (Live)