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10 Jan / 2014Program by:
Featured: SunnyahmmLanguage: English

Spandan by Sunnyahmm

Last night, we had the opportunity to listen to the musical performance of Ritu Jain, in Pitanga. She sings and plays as a single person group, Sunnyahmm, attempting to bring music that inspires inner journeys and transitions and helps deepening inner connections in people. Spandan is a series of compositions intuitively aligned to take you deep within yourself and helping you touch your innate silence. These compositions deeply resonate with Ritu and at various moments themselves act as a ‘Guru’, opening up new spaces within.

A clothing designer, spontaneous artist, writer and creative/personal growth guide, Ritu offers music that connects to the universe, as a space beyond boundaries of geography, gender, time, genre, ideas and philosophy. Somewhat created and somewhat drawn from what she has heard herself. (Sources Auronet)