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11 May / 2021Program by:

Suryamayi’s PhD on Auroville – chapt.4 “Understanding Auroville as a ‘Utopian’ Community”

A social scientist born and raised in Auroville, Suryamayi was curious to explore whether and how we were engaging with our ideals, and what sustained this process. In her PhD thesis, “Towards a Spiritualised Society: Auroville, an Experiment in Prefigurative Utopianism” she explores how the founding spiritual ideals of Auroville are, and have been, embodied and articulated in its organisation, development, culture and practices. Listen in for theoretical, conceptual and practical insights into how this uniquely “spiritually prefigurative” utopian practice is enabled, challenged, and sustained – relevant within and beyond the Auroville experiment.