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Indian Choral Music

A few days ago we attended a wonderful concert of Indian Choral Music, sung by the Madras Youth Choir. We listened to songs in Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu and Sanskrit on the theme of Human Unity. You can listen to the entire concert on our website. Good listening!

Interantional Garden,True avilian

In today’s news we are featuring two short excerpt of interviews with Patrick and Paul-Vincent on early days in Auroville, made by our internship student Ira Gopal.

Savitri Study Camp in Tamil Savitri Bhavan is hosting a 3 days Savitri Study camp in Tamil on Canto 2 ‘The Issue’ of Book One of Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri. The study camp will be led by Buvana from 24-26th Nov. 2017 9am-12.30pm and 2.30-5.30pm

Tamil Nadu Seminar Under the auspices of the Arulvazhi Education Centre, a seminar will take place on 26th November 2017 (Sunday). 10.00 am to 1.00 pm and from 2.00 pm onwards. Theme: Spiritual significance of Auroville Speaker: G. Varadharajan, Arulvazhi Education Centre.

On Saturday 25th of Novebmer at 8pm at Kalabhumi studio – Klabhumi Goes Live, November edition with Divij singing Hindi traditional tunes on acoustic guitar, and JAZZ 4tet with joyful sharing of some less known jazz standards.

From Hungarian Pavilion in international Zone comes an initiative to start a small food garden with seeds from all over the world this weekend on 25th and 26th at 3pm, near Aryappani Farm, just follow the path between the European Tree and the Inuktsuk. (The field opposite to Tibetan Pavilion). They believe that the land of the International Zone is sacred, and have the potential to guide the Souls of the Nations towards Human Unity.

What is the Integral Yoga ?
There are many Yogas, many spiritual disciplines, paths towards liberation and perfection, Godward ways of the spirit. Each has its separate aim, its peculiar approach to the One Reality, its separate method, its helpful philosophy and its practice. The integral Yoga takes up all of them in their essence and tries to arrive at a unification (in essence, not in detail) of all these aims, methods, approaches; it stands for an all-embracing philosophy and practice.
Sri Aurobindo

Thanks giving us Pongal

For the first time, Auroville celebrated the Pongal Thanksgiving Festival traditionally. Pongal was celebrated at Friday in front of the solar kitchen. As it was organized by Tamil people and some Auroville units, the city got an authentic glimpse of Indias most important festival. A Soundcollage with Soundscape, music and interviews.

New Water Well. Potters

In today’s news we are featuring two interviews – one with Manohar regarding the new bored well at Water Service, and the other, made by Alisha, with Joel Eisenkrammer just after the concert on Monday at Unity Pavilion.
RAS invites all residents on Saturday at 9am to 4pm at Unity Pavilion International Zone  to an Entry Service Interactive Session – The Next Team.
And next day, Sunday between 3pm to 4pm again Unity Pavilion we are invited by RAS but for Dive into Auroville  – Peace.
On Saturday at 8pm at Unity Pavilion – An evening to spend listening to the words of poets, saints and believers in the voice of Swati Srinivas singing.
Saturday at the Savitri Bhavan at 5 pm Tugay plays the Ney, Sufi wind instrument.
Auroville 1st International Potters Market from tomorrow until 1st of February at Visitor’s Centre

The ways of the Divine are not like those of the human mind or according to our patterns and it is impossible to judge them or to lay down for Him what He shall or shall not do, for the Divine knows better than we can know. If we admit the Divine at all,both true reason and Bhakti seem to me to be at one in demanding implicit faith and surrender.
– Sri Aurobindo

Comments: 3 Date: 29 Jan 2015

Temple Rock @ LUYE 2013

Five musicians with international background come together and create a
music which takes its roots from traditional carnatic compositions, and sets
them within a new frame. Hailing from a traditional musical family, Krishna
Kumar has found with Temple Rock, a playground to his size and playmates
to have fun with. Temple Rock is a delight for the ears and the eyes for its dynamism and poetry. A unique style in the field of world music.

Vocals and Kanjira – Krishna Kumar, Keyboards – Aman Mahajan, Electric Guitar – Jay Sithar, Tavil – Sowri Rajan, Saxophone – Matt Littlewood, Bass – Mishko Mba

Comments: 0 Date: 02 Feb 2013

Vasudev Murthy on the Oudh

Professor Vasudev Murthy has incorporated and adapted the Indian/Hindustani scales and music technique to the Arabic Oudh. For him music is a true friend. Feeling the music is the most essential aspect of appreciation, learning and playing. Raags are names of feelings, when played right, they create a perceivable image for the listener. Recognition of notes is a process that takes time and experience and is a milestone to reach. Musicians not only hear sounds but also hear the parallel structures of the notes, but it does not come easy.

Professor Vasudev Murthy is the author of the book “What the Raags Told Me”.

Comments: 1 Date: 13 Aug 2011
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