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Savitri, B. V, C. I

The Wilderness Where Savitri Will Meet Her Soul-Mate

The destined spot and hour are close – everything happens in the cosmic play at its proper time and in its foreseen place. Sri Aurobindo describes the solitary forest glade where Savitri will meet Satyavan, the mate of her soul, for the first time in this life. The Great Mother has chosen primaeval peace of natural beauty, where earth is alone with her great lover, heaven, for the atmosphere in which she will meet her destiny. Far from the world, Savitri begins to play her part in the world’s joy and strife.

Synthesis of Yoga

Continuing with Part Two The Yoga of integral Knowledge on page 404, the second half of Chapter 14 The Passive and the Active Brahman. We learn once again that in fact He is the Doer; we are but the instruments .

Sri Aurobindo writes: “It is precisely this universal Will and Intelligence which acts through the calm, indifferent and inwardly silent Yogin who offers no obstacle of limited and ignorant personal will and in intelligence to its operations. He dwells in the silent Self; he allows the active Brahman to work through his natural instruments, accepting impartially, without participation, the formations of its universal force and knowledge.”

Sri Aurobindo concludes the chapter thusly: “The realization of a sole Reality suffering the imposition of names and forms will give place to that of eternal Being throwing itself out into infinite becoming. … All the soul-life, mental, vital, bodily existence of all that exists will be to him one indivisable movement and activity of the Being who is the same forever.”.

Mother's Q and A, 3/10/56, Part 1

True Spiritual Teaching / How The Whole Universe Is Changing

Mother explains that true teaching comes during the time she answers questions because a force or consciousness acts through her. Then, in order to give us the idea and the feeling of how our universe functioned before the first manifestation of the new consciousness and how the functioning changes with the coming of the new consciousness into our manifested universe, Mother describes something she saw, She uses mathematical concepts for her description. The original French tape recording will play after the English translation.

Savitri, B. IV, C. IV, Part 2

On Her Fated Journey, Savitri Passes Ashrams of Yogis and Seers

Savitri is nearing her destined meeting with Satyavan, the mate of her soul, and she is also drawing closer to her Divine work. Part of that work is the yoga that she will do to prepare her being. On this part of her journey she sees great yogis and sages and feels the atmosphere of their spiritual practices, but she is impelled to go on her unfinished way and to follow the fateful orbit of her life. Still she has not found the one predestined face for which she sought among the sons of men.

Synthesis of Yoga

Starting on page 400, Part Two the Yoga of Integral Knowledge, Chapter 14, the Passive and the Active Brahman, through page 404, mid-page.

The integral Yoga of knowledge demands a divine return upon world-existence; its first step must be to realize the Self as the All; one must realize all of which the mind and senses are aware, as a figure of things existing in the pure Self that we are.

The aim of the ascetic Yoga, which refuses life, is not at all the aim of the integral Yoga. We can have an activity perfect enough along with an inner passivity, peace, mental silence, indifference and cessation of the emotions (although this does not seem possible to the ordinary mind.) Activity without desire and emotional preference is attainable. Consider that a large part of our action is performed by a mechanical impulse … we can go beyond the habitual and ‘normal’ process of our mental nature.

To be concluded in the next reading to the end of the chapter on page 408.

Savitri, B. IV, C. IV, Part 1

Guided By Her Immortal Self, Savitri Seeks Her Soul-Mate

The World-Ways open before Savitri as she follows her inner and outer road. She is guided by both her individual portion of the Immortal Self and her individual soul. A deeper consciousness wells up in her and she remembers things that are a part of old forgotten selves from previous births. Even her journey to find her mate is not new to her. To her remembering witness soul she seemed to trace again a journey to her mate that she often made before. Sri Aurobindo teaches us about past lives and the action of karma by telling us this part of the story. He describes the “dim-masked, hooded godheads” who are at the same time the agents of our will, the witnesses of all we do, and the powers who carry out our fate. These are some of the karmic gods, assigned to us from birth, who carry the unbroken thread that old lives have spun. He also shows us the action of our Jivatma, our portion of the Self which is always seated above our head and is always there to guide our lives.

Synthesis of Yoga

Sri Aurobindo’s Synthesis of Yoga: the continuation of Chapter XIII The Difficulties of the Mental Being of Part Two: the Yoga of Integral Knowledge, on page 395.

Sri Aurobindo reiterates the complexity, the difficulties of the mind … even though we may attain a state of consciousness in which we have managed to withdraw from ordinary interests, inward mental activities, (a state which few can attain) upon our return to the mental consciousness, we are back again in the lower being.

It is to call down the divine into oneself in order that its mentality shall be changed, divinised, spiritualized to that which it knows and relates to its own consciousness … this may be done by by the mind’s power of reflecting (as the mind is really a reflector) and none of its activities originate in themselves. The divine may then be reflected in a clear, passive mind …

This chapter is completed on page 399.

Savitri, B. IV, C. III

Savitri Is Sent To Search The Deep World For Her Mate

The mighty yearning that asks for a perfect life for earth and men again raised it flame. King Aswapathy hears a Voice from hidden skies, calling mankind to its greater destiny. The Voice speaks of man’s failure to change. Then, Savitri comes like a shining answer from the gods. There comes the gift of a revealing hour, and with his inner sight, the king sees the great and unknown spirit born as his daughter. He speaks to her in sentences from unseen heights. The king tells Savitri that somewhere on earth waits her mate, the second self for which her nature asks. He tells her to depart where love and destiny call her charm, and his word is the seed of all things to be. The next morning the palace wakes to its own emptiness. Savitri has gone to search the spacious world for the love of her life.

Selections par Gangalakshmi 238

Une serie hebdomadaire de lectures par Gangalakshmi (en Francais) de selection d oeuvres sur ou de la Mere et Sri Aurobindo, qui lui semble La Manifestation Supramentale.
A weekly series of readings by Gangalakshmi (in French) from selected works by or on the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.
This week Sri Aurobindo, and The Mother – La Femme Extrait des oeuvres de Sri Aurobindo et the la Mere: L’Amour human et l’amour divin; Les Femmes et l’avenir

On the special request from listeners this edition is un cut!!!

Synthesis of Yoga

The Synthesis of Yoga part Two, Chapter XIII The Difficulties of the Mental Being on page 391 begins with, once again, the first object of this Yoga. Sri Aurobindo repeatedly returns us to the reason of why we engage in what seems to be a long and arduous work.

“Man is a mental and not yet a supramental being; it is by the mind therefore that he has to aim at knowledge and realize his being … Realised mental being and realised spiritual being are really two different planes … one superior and divine, the other inferior and human. … the divine is infinite consciousness transcending and embracing all that it manifests within it … the divine founds itself upon unity and is master of the transcendences and totalities of things … ”

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