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Tamil Express – lesson 2

The Tamil Express method is a quick and easy way to learn spoken-Tamil. This method was created by Jasper Daniel, and he is facilitating the foundation-level module on Auroville Radio.

The method breaks down the underlying structure of spoken-Tamil in 12 easy-to-grasp and easy-to-apply lessons. Each lesson is like a Lego block. As the lessons progress, the student will have collected enough blocks of information which they can arrange and rearrange to express themselves, with clarity, in Tamil.

Jasper is a writer, teacher and a language enthusiast. He and his wife are on a long road trip that they began in 2014. They currently live near Auroville, and contribute their time and skill for projects in Auroville whenever they get the opportunity.

PDFs of the Tamil Express foundation module are available for a donation to Auroville Radio, account number 0867.

To order your copy of the lessons, write to please don’t forget to make your contribution.

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