Photographer:Divya | Geddy Aniksdal Photographer:Divya | Geddy playing as herself in her early years as an actor Photographer:Divya | The only time Geddy ever needed make-up to become a man
12 Mar / 2012Program by:
Featured: Geddy AniksdalLanguage: English

Tantidhatri: My Life as a Man

Geddy Aniksdal, member of one of the longest standing free theater groups in Norway, called Grenland Friteater, brought to Auroville her solo performance ‘My Life as a Man’. It is, she says, “an autobiographical excursion into the story of my Norwegian working class origins which them became my working class characters.” “I like my men, my masculine characters. I feel great freedom in them.” Geddy’s performance makes one laugh, muse and at times it inspires awe. And when she turns into a man, she makes you forget that in reality, she is Geddy!