Photographer:Jyoti | Roxana as Ophelia Photographer:Jyoti | Roxana Pineda performing Piel Des Violetas
12 Mar / 2012Program by:
Featured: Roxana PinedaLanguage: Spanish

Tantidhatri: Piel Des Violetas

Theater scholar and professor and actress, Roxana Pineda, from Cuba played a number of roles to weave her solo performance of Piel Des Violetas. It is inspired by Ophelia, one of William Shakespeare’s most famous characters, and expresses a flow of consciousness, almost like a meditation. Roxana’s performance was powerful and intense and certainly not to be missed. We hope to give you a flavor of Piel Des Violetas through this audio recording.

Extract from Tantidhatri brochure: ‘Passages belonging to Ophelia or that refer to this character have been extracted from Hamlet (by Shakespeare) to weave a complete and defined story. The performance develops through associations and a flow of consciousness in an almost dream-like structure, where events, presented in a non-realistic way, follow the logic of an intimate meditation that occurs after things have happened. Yet, the sensation of present time is given by a new plot and a particular poetic vision, belonging to the performance itself.’ More information about Tantidhatri International Women’s Performing Arts Festival: