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17 Sep / 2018Program by:
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Tenzin Dalha’s Research Proves the Importance of Social Media for Tibetans

At the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture, Aurovilians, Claude Arpi and Kalsang, presented Tenzin Dalha, Deputy Director of the Tibet Policy Institute (TPI), to share his research, ‘Social Media: Prevalence, Implications and Impacts on Tibetan communities in an interactive session with three other scholars Rinzin Dorjee, Tenzin Lhak and Karma Tenzin.

To no ones surprise Tibetans worldwide are big users of social media keeping families and friends connected. Aware of the information gathering, censorship and interference of the Chinese government some Tibetans find arcane methods to say what they intend.

Tenzin Dalha and his colleagues discussed their personal experiences about the problems living with censored communication and agreed that the best solution will come when there is a Tibetan consensus in and out of China for freedom of expression.