Photographer:maryliz | Swaha, Vera and Shakti harmonizing their voices Photographer:maryliz | Swaha and Vera riff together with Suresh on percussion Photographer:maryliz | Shakti plays keyboard and sings Photographer:maryliz | Swaha pairs up with Rolf on acoutic guitar Photographer:maryliz | Shakti trills with Jade on flute Photographer:maryliz | Rolf on bass guitar, Swaha, Suresh plays percussion, Vera, Jade on flute and Shakti
19 Jan / 2019Program by:

The Auroville Sisters Sing Their Hearts Out for Love and Gratitude

On Friday night, 18 January, at CRIPA, the Auroville Sisters sang from a palette of colorful love songs and messages of gratitude to their appreciative audience.

The opening was an invocation to the Divine Mother in the Light of Love including a Tamil poem performed by Priya. Then the Sisters – Swaha, Vera and Shakti – sang their way around the world from India to Finland and from America to Bulgaria and Germany through Spain and France. Swaha sang the very haunting Scottish song, ‘The Skye Boat Song’. The Sisters light heartedly wore ankle bells for a Finnish folk song.

Shakti played guitar and keyboard on some songs and the 3 Sisters delighted with beautifully harmonized acapella songs.
Rolf played electric bass guitar and acoustic guitar, Suresh played a tom drum, a clay drum, cymbals and a selection of other percussion and Jade played silver flute on most all songs.
Katarina was a guest metallophone and keyboard player on a couple tunes and a mystery violin played on one tune as well.