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The Best of What Still Around – ep.5

Curated by Auroville musician/writer Dhani Muniz, ‘The Best of What’s Still Around’ is an attempt to build a local space for discovering great, innovative, and often out of the way music- in a show based solely on curiosity and a blissful ignorance of genre boundaries.

5th episode songs list:

Heroes and villains – The Beach Boys

I heard it through the grape – Marvin Gaye

I heard it through the grape – Bill Frisell

Must be something we can do – Gil Scott-Heron

Marquee moon – The Television

King Solomon’s marbles – Grateful Dead

King Solomon’s marbles – Vijay Iyer

Beneath the undertow – Isotope 217

Ife – Miles Davis

Rothko chapel 3/4/5 – Morton Feldman

Withered – Ambrose Akinmusire

Purple (Intermezzo) – Ambrose Akinmusire

Wind chimes – The Beach Boys


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  • Marco

    Great great, all the music that I like and followed all my life and some surprises. Your comments an analysis are punctual and precious. Thanks Marco