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30 Jul / 2020Program by:

The Best of What Still Around – ep.7

Curated by Auroville musician/writer Dhani Muniz, ‘The Best of What’s Still Around’ is an attempt to build a local space for discovering great, innovative, and often out of the way music- in a show based solely on curiosity and a blissful ignorance of genre boundaries.

Song list:
Mother – Bill Frisell
Mother – John Lennon
Calvary cross (live) – Richard and Linda Thompson
Down home – Jerry Garcia Band
Death in the carwash – Eberhard Weber
Bless the weather, live at Ledds – John Martin
I’d rather be the devil – John Martin
The dance of Maya – John McLaughlin, Mahavishnu Orchestra
Messe de pauvres: Priere pour le salut de mon Ame – Satie, Yasuda, Lederach
Palm Sunday – Jerry Garcia Band


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