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27 Mar / 2019Program by:
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The Blessed Human Factor – A talk of Tom from the Water Group

The Blessed Human Factor (BHF) is a well know phenomenon that affects our lives. Management entities all over the planet take the BHF very seriously and devise methods to curb it, for it is responsible for 60-70 % of aeronautical accidents and of numerous mishaps in various sectors of our lives, including the health sector.
This interactive session leads us through an exploration on how the BHF affects water management in and around Auroville. We examine our constitution. For example, we mammals have to live a life that is sometimes ill-equipped to deal with the ad hoc quantity of water that our organic and biodegradable body needs to carry us, spirits through our journey on this planet.
We also discover that the BHF has also very positive sides such as generosity, honesty, boldness and heroism. These are qualities that we may need in our endeavour to curb up the negative trend of the water situation in this area where we live with our neighbours.

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