Photographer:Frida | No idea how this toad climbed up to my terrace Photographer:Frida | Destruction and beauty: Flooded temple Photographer:Frida | Looks so small but is a professional musician Photographer:Frida | For some its a flooding, for others it means housing Photographer:Frida | Kuyillapalayam Lake after the big rain
26 Mar / 2016Program by:

The Frog Symphonies

Already miss the Monsoon?
Our long Indian nights are most beautiful during the raining periods, when frogs and toads are celebrating their love songs. They have a big variety of voices. Sometimes there are thousands singing together in a big lake, sometimes they are only a few, but each with a different melody. Surprisingly, the most interesting frog songs are performed in the smallest habitats.

This is a sociological survey of the frog orchestras around Auroville which performed during the last monsoon, with some cultural commentaries about frogs.
Welcome to the amphibian concerts!