Photographer:Avdhi | The team for Integrated Transport Service, Auroville (R-Vijay Mathews) Photographer:Avdhi | Electric scooters charging outside the ITS workshop, opposite Solar Kitchen Photographer:Avdhi | One of the electric vans making transport in Auroville cleaner and easier Photographer:Avdhi | A prototype of an electric three-wheeled vehicle developed in IIT Chennai Photographer:Avdhi | A charging station for electric vehicles outside the workshop
21 Sep / 2018Program by:
Featured: Vijay MathewsLanguage: English

The Future of Travel in Auroville: Updates from Integrated Transport Service

Vijay Mathews of Integrated Transport Service (ITS), Auroville shares new developments going on with the electric vehicle endeavor. ITS tackles the issue of safe, affordable and clean transport in Auroville head on, offering a series of electric vehicles that empower every Aurovillian.

ITS is also working on improving accessibility by putting more vehicles on the road, and by providing a greater number of charging stations located at places frequented by Aurovillians. Furthermore, they also have partnerships with other organizations to help with technology, research and development. The future of travel and transport is beaming bright and ITS seems to be at the center of it.