Photographer:Samira | Kim Sun Myung gives us a smile Photographer:Samira | Sun informed us that he enjoyed the limited internet connection in Auroville Photographer:Samira | Sun waiting for his dosa at Visitor's Centre Photographer:Samira | Sun leaves Auroville today
24 Sep / 2015Program by:
Featured: Kim Sun MyungLanguage: English

There's No Subject For Me

A recent graduate from Kalikasan High School in Philippines, Kim Sun Myung visits Auroville for a spot survey for South Korean students. He attended an alternative system of education and aims to set up something similar in an otherwise stringent structure back in South Korea. He provides a micro view of the different options that students and recent graduates can choose outside of a particular system and the inspiration that can be derived from an experimental space like Auroville. We met at a dinner with a friend, and what he said about students needing ”happiness” and feeling more connected to vocational options resounded with other such conversations with students in Auroville from across the globe. He talks about the importance of traveling as a learning experience and why he does not want to go to college. While a lot of socio-cultural factors come into the picture when considering these options, it is nevertheless refreshing to find voices expressing an interest in community life as well as aiming to get involved in the education systems in their countries.