Photographer:Kristen | Aran, Gal, Mayaan, and Tamar singing Photographer:Kristen | Anandi reading a poem dedicated to Anna Maria Photographer:Kristen | Chitra reading lines of Sri Aurobindo Photographer:Kristen | Aran retelling lines of an ancient Hebrew song Photographer:Kristen | Los Trovodores in the early evening Photographer:Kristen | Shakti sharing his original work Photographer:Kristen | Collections of poetry by Aurovilians

Trovodores in August

At this sitting of Los Trovodores, ad-hoc minstrels of the community, Anandi brought copies of some of the first poetry collections published in Auroville. She read a poem dedicated to Anna Maria and told of their friendship in the old days. Chitra read a poem in Tamil, written by Meenakshi, based on a letter by Sri Aurobindo written after Mrinalini’s passing. Aran recited an ancient Hebrew song, and later sang “Shir Lamaalot” with Mayaan, Tamar and Gal. Susanna read a Spanish translation of a poem by Sri Aurobindo.

Shakti shared some of his original poetry. Then Hamish played a song on the harmonica, and Fif sang a song using lines of Swahili. Anungla sang a chant in the Naga dialect of Chunki. We also heard the announcement that during the coming Auroville Film Festival, a microphone will be set up between films, open for anyone who would like to recite a poem.