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18 Apr / 2017Program by:
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Auroville Radio brings you quick access to some of the special events held at the Unity Pavilion during February to raise money for buying Auroville’s land. Mandakini, the original organizer of “Acres For Auroville” (A4A) and co-founder of its offshoot “Art For Land”, is a dedicated full-time all-around worker for these large-scale fund raising efforts. She shares the latest results of the A4A campaign and the aims and results of the Art for Land auction. Mandakini tells us about many of the beautiful donors and about different solidarity actions for the land. She also explains the principles followed to make sure that the money donated to buy Auroville’s land is never used for anything else. In this interview we feel Mandakini’s deep, sincere, commitment to Auroville’s growth, and we meet a beautiful soul, dedicated to serving the ideals of Auroville.

Auroville Radio has created a special web-link page for people who could not come to fund raising events. Click on the special web-link page below and you will have the links to give you immediate access to seven fund-raising events; three talks, three concerts, and an interview from the Unity Pavilion’s February fund-raising program.

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