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05 Sep / 2019Program by:
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Universal Basic Income in Auroville

Recently a group of few Aurovillians attended the annual congress of BIEN (Basic Income Earth Network) and they met a lot of basic income activists and researchers who were very inspired by the Aurovilles model. 12 of them came to Auroville for about a week.
They gave a talk at the Visitor Center Video Room and a participatory workshop inviting Aurovillians to explore where they can get something inspirational in the Auroville socio-economic practice.

In the audio file you can listen to one of the meetings at Visitor C. Video Room:
at 00:00 Antonis, UBI Europe activist, explain us what is the Universal Basic Income;
at 22:45 Roberto, another UBI Europe activist, explain us his doubts about UBI;
at 28:30 Paul, from World Basic Income, tells how to get enough money to cover the primary needs of the world’s poorest populations.

Universal Basic income (UBI) is a radical economic policy, being explored and incubated in various countries – Canda, Finland, Kenya, India and more – which envisions that all members of society would receive an unconditional stipend with which to meet their basic needs. Pilot projects have shown that UBI recipients participated more meaningfully in society as a result, having dissociated such participation from economic survival. The security of having basic needs met has also had profoundly positive effects on psychological and emotional well-being, improving not only individual lives, but the very social fabric of society.

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