Photographer:Lalit | Full Group at MMC, before making their final Presentation (Photo by Lalit) Photographer:Lalit | Visiting Candian Students at Canadian Pavilion Site (Photo by Students) Photographer:Anandi | LATINOAMERICA - Inauguration of cultural activities 11.12.13 Photographer:web | World Music Dance Photographer:web | Internal working session in progress (Photo by Students) Photographer:web | Jayalakshmi Sugumar Photographer:web | Networkin Night

Veena Rectial, GM

On Saturday, December 7th at 7.30pm, Sri Aurobindo Auditorium (Bharat Nivas) presents Veena Recital by Jayalakshmi Sugumar of the Karaikudi Veenai family, with her students. Veenai Jayalakshmi Sugumar hails from the traditional family of Karaikudi Veena players, known for their true traditional techniques. The Study group for Participatory Working Groups & New Selection Process for the Working Committee and AV Council invites everybody to the 3rd General Meeting on Monday the 9th at 4- 6.30pm. This takes place in the new SAIIER building.

You see only your side of the question, but if you want to widen your consciousness it would be better to look from all sides impartially. Later you will discover that this attitude has great advantage. The Mother ********************************************************************************************** Like last year, post graduate Planning students from Queens University, Canada are about to reach Auroville again. This year, they have been working on Auroville Sustainability Indicators. It is proposed that students interact with some resource persons from Auroville who have an interest in this field, for the students to receive input and to modify their work accordingly. It is proposed to take place December 7th, Saturday, at 4-5.30pm, in the 1st Floor Conference Hall, Town Hall. You are kindly invited to join this interaction and to give your feedback to the students.