Photographer:Giorgio | Presentation of the conference Water for Auroville, an urgent issue! Photographer:Giorgio | Geological map of Auroville Photographer:Giorgio | Criterions to follow for a durable development for a regulating land use Photographer:Maria | How the water balance changes with urbanization Photographer:Maria | Treatement and recycle of water are some of the ways to face the scarcity of water Photographer:Maria | Gilles show the necessity to use multi-sourcing for water Photographer:Giorgio | Aurovillians are invited to sharpen their wits to solve the problem of water
11 Apr / 2012Program by:
Featured: Gilles BoulicotLanguage: English

Water? By Gilles Boulicot

Water for Auroville, an urgent issue! by Gilles Boulicot was at Cinema Paradiso. It emerged that there is more than one way to solve the problem of scarcity of water in the Auroville land and around it. To face this problem it is important to use multi-sourcing. There are many ways to improve todays situation. First of all the relationship with neighbouring towns is a necessity for the hydrogeological environment. There is only one for the entire region. Today at 3 pm in Citadine is a meeting to form a group of people to manage about it.

Gilles Boulicot made researches during ten years about the salinisation of water in Auroville region, a problem that was getting worse year after year. Since 2007, the year he left Harvest to work for CSR, nobody continue this kind of research, so we don’t really know about it now. But this is a problem to face otherwise soon will be not anymore good water for Auroville. If we think that the underground water (and the soil too) it is everyday more polluted and at a deeper level (before was over the sea level and now many metres below), we understand how it is important to discuss a strategy to prevent an unbearable situation.