Photographer:Samira | The important points were highlighted and re-evaluated Photographer:Samira | Housing and integration were especially debated topics Photographer:Samira | It had a round-table perspective Photographer:Samira | Julian Lines, member of the Governing Board Photographer:Samira | Mawite Photographer:Samira | Toine Van Megen
07 Oct / 2015Program by:

Way forward from Auroville Retreat

The Residents Assembly Team in collaboration with the Action Groups, the Vision Task Force and Wcom presented the reports and proposals to the community of Auroville to discuss the way forward from the Auroville Retreat 2015.

There was active participation from the Action Groups as well as the community and the priorities were highlighted. These included ‘growth’ as the over-arching goal, the involvement of the youth and the need for expanding human resources. Other important aspects discussed included the barriers to people joining the Auroville Community as well as housing. A key aspect that came out during the discussion was regarding research, documentation and communication along with the importance of telling the story of Auroville.