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26 Jun / 2014Program by:
Featured: RAS, TNEB, BCCLanguage: English

WC, AVC and Varuna

The Indian Coast Guard (Eastern Region) and the Tamil Nadu Police are participating in operation Amla in Auroville, which was designed to test their emergency preparedness during terrorist infiltration. On Saturday between 10am to 4pom at Solar Kitchen we are going to ratify Working Committee and Auroville Council proposed members. Study Group need our help. Three months trial of BCC of all residents having a TNEB connection on electricity-in-kind (EiK) scheme by Varuna covering the electricity bills of those on maintenance is over.

Man, human, follows in God’s human steps.
Accepting his darkness thou must bring to him light,
Accepting his sorrow thou must bring to him bliss.
In Matter’s body find thy heaven-born soul.” Savitri B. VII, C. III, P. 488