Photographer:Maria | Who walks? What flies? 5 artists' exhibition in Kala Kendra (photo: works by Sandhya Gopinath and Srivi Kalyan) Photographer:Maria | Playing with Kabir, mix media installation by Srivi Kalyan from Chennai Photographer:Maria | Mix-media installation by Sandhiya Kalyan from Chennai Photographer:Maria | Hair burn like a grass by Orijit Sen, a graphic designer from Delhi. Photographer:Maria | Two works from the Maya's painting series by Sandhya Gopinath from Chennai  Photographer:Maria | Rajasthan Kabir Yatra, drawings series by Audrey Wallace made in real time with music from Kabir Festival Photographer:Maria | Drawings by the Udavi School's students, by Audrey Wallace and Srivi Kalyan, in back room Sandhya Gopinath's work

Who walk? What flies? Kabir Fest

Who walks? What flies? it’s a collective exhibition about the Kabir poetry in Kala Kendra by 5 artists. They speak about their works in the interview, in chronological order: Audrey Wallace, Srivi Kalyan: drawings art works by the children of Udavi School; Orijit Sen, graphic designer from Delhi: Hair burn like a grass; Srivi presents her sister Sandhiya Kalyan’s mix-media installation; Audrey Wallace Taylor: Rajasthan Kabir Yatra drawings series; Sandhya Gopinath: Maya’s painting series; Srivi Kalyan: Playing with Kabir mix media installation.

The artist Sandhiya Kalyan was not present because traveling in the U.S.A. Audrey Wallace Taylor: Rajasthan Kabir Yatra drawings series was made in real time with the various musics of kabir Festival she followed in Rajastan, an operation which involve the all body. She worked after with the children of Udavi School let them to apply the same method of drawing with music. Here some internet contacts about the artists and the exhibition: – – – – – – – –