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Why did l learn…? – Ep. 1 “The Mathematics of Trust”

In this episode we explore how game theory can mathematically explain the evolution of trust in human societies. By examining different games and scenarios, we dive into the strategies that individuals use to make decisions intra-personally and societally and how these decisions define the evolution of trust and cooperation in any society over time.


About the creators of these podcasts

Snehal D. Roy is a mathematics enthusiast who holds space for people of various ages to explore the language of math. Her goal is to break the rigidity associated with the subject and bring out the fluidity and creative side of the subject. Studying Vedanta and Shrutis is what she like to do in her free time.

Currently she is a resident of Auroville for past 3 years and introduces maths to children and teenagers and works on strengthening their knowledge about the subject through various faculties of consciousness.

Harsh is a Math teacher and a Physics student who is studying sound and conducting research in the field of Cymatics and electronic sound at Svaram. He sees Math as an open-ended logical language that can be used to define and understand most phenomena around us on a daily basis. He would eventually like to combine his work in Maths, Sound and Cymatics to metaphorically experience life better.

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