Photographer:maryliz | Hartmut von Lieres plays the mid grand piano at CRIPA Photographer:maryliz | Hartmut plays original compositions Photographer:maryliz | Hartmut moves up and down the keyboard Photographer:maryliz | Hartmut plays the high notes Photographer:maryliz | Hartmut modestly turns to the audience Photographer:maryliz | Hartmut graciously accepts applause
20 Jan / 2019Program by:

Wonderful ‘Water Fontaines’ Solo Piano Concert by Hartmut von Lieres

On Saturday night, 19 January, at CRIPA, the solo piano performance by Hartmut von Lieres was our opportunity to hear the fantastic fluid sounds of the original compositions written by Hartmut for ‘Water Fontaines’ – the name he has given to the compilation of his untitled piano pieces inspired by water.

Hartmut, who started playing at 10 years old, has written music for films and has played in the German Symphany for orchestra and choir. He came to Auroville in 1994 where he composed the music for an Auroville production of the play ‘The Tempest’.

Last night the enthralled audience listened Hartmut play up and down the keyboard finding all the lows for pounding rain and wind storms to the tinkeling highs of rain on the window glass. We felt like a leaf madly pushed along in a fast stream and we danced with sprites above meandering brooks. When the melodies unraveled we found ourselves in a love story or a melodramatic movie. A very powerful performance by Hartmut.

Enjoy listening to the concert, ‘Water Fontaines’.