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08 Mar / 2019Program by:
Featured: Mael, RakhalLanguage: English

Youth C. Night School: Understanding the Working Groups and our Organisation

On Tuesday 5th of March at Youth Centre we shared and discussed about history of Auroville and the different working groups and governing bodies of Auroville, where Mael and Rakhal co-ordinated the class.

Auroville is dynamic and in the course of living in this place we come across different bodies(Farm group, Forest Group, Working Committee, FAMC, TDC, Governing Body, etc.) that organise and take responsibilities to run the community as a whole. As Youth and people with progressive ideas there are always multiple questions that we come across, which need to be discussed.

Night School, every Tuesday and Thursday 06:30 pm until 08:00 pm is an experiment to reach out to youth and like-minded people who are willing to generate ideas and discussions regarding various subjects.