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Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | Samadarshana & Stefania singing Piazza Grande, a very famous Italian song Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | From Right: Amu, Heyong and their mum singing a Korean song. Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | The kids with special needs sang two songs. They spent 6 months in preparing the performance Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | Do It Now!! Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | Vande Mataram. (Photographer: Giorgio Molinari)" rel="" /> Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | AV Sisters on stage Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | The evening closed with the sing along (Photographer: Giorgio Molinari)" rel="" />

Auroville Singing Festival Day 1

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“One Community, One Family”, is the slogan of this years edition of the Auroville Singing Festival.
And it did feel as a family event, the performances of 120 singers in the Sri Aurobindo auditorium. One of the highlights on Friday 10th October were the AV Sisters. “Sway with me”, they chanted, and the enthusiastic audience swayed along. Another success was The Learning Community, with “Do it now”, a song to raise awareness for climate change.
Heart warming was the performance of Deepam school, whose special need students practiced half a year for their stage appearance.
The evening closed with the sing along “Happy”.
– By Robert Hessing

Picasa Album: Images by Ireno Guerci


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