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Integrated Communication & IT Infrastructure
by JV   
Saturday, 30 January 2010

This is a brief summary of the open presentation and discussion arranged by L’avenir on 29th January 2010 at the Town Hall. The goals of ICITI is to build a scalable ICT platform by 2012 in Auroville for+ Better connectivity at lower cost, enabling closer  collaboration and more effective governance+ Reduce carbon foot print   - Eliminate or reduce energy used for ‘need-less’ travel   - Eliminate or reduce use of paper   - Use low power/ power efficient technologies+ Reduce Electromagnetic pollution+ Usher in ‘Knowledge Society”+ Extend it to the bio-regionThe consensus at the end of the meeting was that ICITI is technically feasible and financially viable and its realization would be beneficial. For its realization, ICITI needs Government approvals, funds and Community support in the aspiration, goodwill and a helping hand, wherever possible..In READ MORE part 2 & 3.Read more

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Safeguarding lands
by Mattia   
Tuesday, 22 December 2009

A recent tree cuts in the Green Belt close to Certitude community.During one of the recent Open Meetings held weekly by l'Avenir the topic concerned safeguarding the land, the lands missing in the grid meant to comprise the township of Auroville. Toby introduced Frederick, who works in tandem with Pashi; Frederick stressed the protection of the lands necessary to fulfill Mother's dream as well as the overall participation of the community...

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Land Annual Report
by Radio Team   
Sunday, 15 November 2009

Before and afterDuring the period under review, Auroville Foundation purchased 7.40 acres in the planned township area while 5.91 acres were secured by way of land exchange with the unutilized land outside the planned township area.  Of the total 13.31 acres that were secured during the year, 11.86 were in the Green Belt and 1.45 in the City Area of Auroville.  An amount of Rs. 46,72,695 was received by way of offerings and donations from friends and well-wishers of Auroville as well as from guests and residents of Auroville.Click to downaload the full report as pdf.

Tree cutting near certitude
by Chloe   
Friday, 18 September 2009

Tree cutting near certitudePrivate Land inside Auroville is a burning issue. While plans for the future city are being made, private land owners are pursuing their own plans. The tree cutting in the land near Certitude is a visible reminder of this gap. The land was flattened and is being offered for sale. AurovilleRadio tries to shed some light on what is happening there. Interviews with land owners and Jesse from the Auroville Council give two different perspectives on the subject.

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Living model
by David R. Brower   
Monday, 04 August 2008

Private property land recently aquired by Auroville “Auroville is unique not only as an environmental project but also as a living model for a new form of relationship between Nature and urban development. In this regard, I have been troubled to learn that the integrity of this valuable experiment is being jeopardized by the encroachment of private developers buying up parcels of land within the Auroville area. This not only creates a serious threat to Auroville and its planning process as an integrated model, but it even leads to an uncontrolled spital of inflated land prices, making it even more difficult for Auroville t secure lands necessary for a unified plan.”
From the Auroville Land Fund newsletter No. 42 April - June 2008

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Land Fund Quarterly Report
by Radio Team   
Sunday, 13 July 2008

Only 2 acres and 91 cents were purchased in the planned township area during the quarter under review. A small piece of land measuring .038 cents was also secured by way of land exchange with the unutilized lands outside the planned township area...
Click here to download the newsletter.

Changer de travail
by Radio Team   
Monday, 04 February 2008
Martanda est né à Auroville. Ces dernières années il s 'est occupé des routes de notre ville. Aujourd'hui il a decidé de changer de travail. Ayant élu domicile dans la Green Belt, la Ceinture Verte qui fait le tour de la Ville, il veut se dedier à la cultivation de plantes médicinales recherchant dans les villages les connaissances traditionnelles en voie d'oubli...

Si vous souhaitez écouter l'interview de Rakhal, vous pouvez la télécharger ici.

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Land fund newsletter
by the Land Fund Team   
Thursday, 03 January 2008

Quarterly Update.
"We are happy to inform that during the quarter under review 20.5 acres were bought on the edge of City area and the Green Belt. Several more plots of land in the prime locations in the City area and the Green Belt are available for purchase. Hence, all fresh donations could be of immediate help. To miss opportunities to consolidate Auroville physical base is to miss the basic resource for the integral and unified flowering of Auroville and, consequently, of her future potentialities."
Auroville Land Fund 

To downlaod the newsletter click <a href='/media/2007_12_31_land_fund_news_letter_40.pdf.pdf'>here</a> .

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