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Category Archives: Kids & Youth

Chandana 12, Composes "Sun Rise"

My name is Chandana and I am 12 years old. I was born in Auroville (2002).
My father Nadaka is a musician and so music was always present in our house. I love music very much. When Vania first had shown me the website on which I could create my own music I was amazed. I was very enthusiastic and tried many different things on it!! I was literally hitting buttons and changing musical parts, when finally I composed a song "Sun Rise".
This song made my family very happy and when Vania first heard it he suggested that with the help of Auroville Radio I could share it with friends and the rest of the world.
I hope this song makes you and others smile :)

Comments: 5 Date: 01 Dec 2014

Being a Youth in Auroville

This is a short interview, talking about how it is being a youth in Auroville.

Comments: 0 Date: 21 Jul 2014

Broad Education

Milla, who is participating within her community service project at Future School at the Auroville Radio, in an interesting interview shares with us some glimpses on life, education ... of youth of Auroville. To her Auroville is very good place for children to grow up - having freedom to choose yet some boundaries of discipline giving them very broad perspectives and education; but most of them at certain age need to see, and experience more than city can offer. Community Service she sees as an experience giving her deeper look into work .

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Jul 2012

Suhasini wins Surf Competition

Suhasini Damian learned to surf at the Kallialay Surf School. She won 1st prize in the Covelong Point Surf Classic in the Women's Category held in September this year as well as the "The Summer Swell Challenge" held in Pondicherry this August. She shares the experience in surfing and talks about her business in creating the swim wear line "4Shore" with her school buddy Dasha take a look here at their designs More on the Kallialay School here And an article on the competition can be read here:

Ultimate Fresbee Tournament

This weekend, the Auroville Ultimate Frisbee tournament was held. It was the first Auroville tournament where we could see the home teams playing other teams of India. For people new to the sport it was a good occasion to discover this unique game, where men and women compete alongside, in a fair-play attitude. The rules of the sport were explained and what stands out is the fact that there is no referee. Every Monday and Saturday about 40 players practice' at 4:30 PM at Certitude.


Comments: 0 Date: 22 Dec 2013

Open house at Future School

Future School held an open house event on Friday the 19th Septemeber. The event was an opportunity to raise funds for the school to help keep us with the needs of the growing number of teenagers attending. It was a fun filled atmosphere that sold items donated by various production units and second hand items contributed to the event. Parents wondered around enjoying the snacks, beverages and performances that the children organized and participated in.

Comments: 0 Date: 23 Sep 2014

First Auroville Athletics Meet

Last Sunday was a sporty day for Aurovillians! The first Auroville Athletics Meet took place at Dehashakti Sports Complex, next to Dana. Around 50 people registered, mainly teenagers of the school and their sport teacher. From 8 in the morning, they practised 100 m race, 800 m race and long jump before a good breakfast. At 5 pm, a fun race was organized with the feet linked together. Despite of the lack of participants, Rajeev, one of the coordinator, was satisfied of the enthusiam of youngers. He hopes that more adults will join next time.

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Mar 2013
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