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To keep up the good work we need volunteers and internships, as well as donations. Support us !

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Get involved! Internship & Voluntary

Participate to the development of the AurovilleRadio/TV project is exploring and testing innovative technology and new trends in the actual media’s evolution.
The AurovilleRadio/TV project in an open platform where research and experimentation are the core.
Along with the technical part of running a web station, a lot of attention is also dedicated to the meaning of media in the beginning of the 3rd millennium with the digital convergence and Internet shift. The way to communicate is changing at the same speed of the technology and is evolving in a global new (not yet fund) balance.
The fact that the project is based in Auroville, India give a unique chance to redesign the way to communicate and sharing information.


Volunteer task list

– Acclimate in a multilingual, multinational and multicultural team. Meet people from all over the world
– Audio recording and editing of presentations, interviews, concerts, plays, meetings and other events
– Live broadcasting from the studio and outdoor
– Use of mixing board, digital recorders, mikes and various audio equipments and software
– Plan, project and realize of ad hoc interviews radio programs, news, audio dramas and audio product in different languages
– Take pictures and editing of images to publish into the AurovilleRadio/TV website
– Editing of text to publish into the AurovilleRadio website
– Upload and publish audio files, pictures and text into the AurovilleRadio/TV website

The AurovilleRadio needs also fresh energies and help in various fields pertaining to the project

– Web designer & Web developer skilled with CMS (WordPress)
– Journalists
– Fundraisers
– Sound technicians / Sound engineers / Sound producers
– Architects
– Computer technicians
– Passionate of Communication, mass media, new media & social network experts

It is a great opportunity for people to work and stay as volunteers in Auroville and to get to know a very different way of sharing life with others. For many it’s a life experience. A few stay on.

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