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Farm Market and Climate Change

Featuring Riccardo inviting us to Saturday Auroville Weekend Farmers Market, where we will sing for climate change

Restorative Circles

Conflicts can be seen as an opportunity to move us forward. Restorative Circles in Auroville.

Selections by Gangalakshmi-6

Selections by Gangalakshmi-4. This is a weekly series (In French) of selected works by the Mother or Sri Aurobindo.

Guidelines and Mission Statement

GM of International Zone Group brought reports of the sub groups along with Mission Statement with Guidelines

Sri Kireet Joshi Departure

Featuring Balu from AV Bamboo Research Centre inviting us to celebrations of World Bamboo Day

Andrea and Renu on fund raising

Andrea discusses the fund raising drive and the future Art and Science of Communication school project.

Selections by Gangalakshmi-6

A weekly series of readings by Gangalakshmi (in French) from selected works by the…

Sri Kireet Joshi Departure

It is with deep feeling that, early yesteray morning , Auroville’s highly esteemed friend,…

Where, How to Dispose Our Sludge

Yesterday’s General Meeting to discuss sludge disposal put light on some old, temporary solutions,…

GM & RA on FAMC Revised Mandate

Text by the Residents’ Assembly Service:

“Dear Friend, the Auroville Council and the Residents’ Assembly Service…

Importance of International Zone

Two General Meetings, two opportunities for residents to participate in governance of the city….