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Where, How to Dispose Our Sludge

At General Meeting to Discuss Sludge Disposal yesterday at Unity Pavilion was clear to everyone that topic is urgent.

Importance of International Zone

Today GM on sludge, tomorrow on revised FAMC mandate. International Zone Coordination Team GM 15th.

Selections by Gangalakshmi-5

Selections by Gangalakshmi -5. A weekly series (in French) from selected works by the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

Une très bonne nouvelle

L'association Auroville International France vient de faire un don de 500 euros

General Meetings, Peace

Two General Meetings this week - one where and how to deposit sludge, the other on revised FAMC mandate

Andrea and Renu on fund raising

Andrea discusses the fund raising drive and the future Art and Science of Communication school project.

Where, How to Dispose Our Sludge

Yesterday’s General Meeting to discuss sludge disposal put light on some old, temporary solutions,…

Importance of International Zone

Two General Meetings, two opportunities for residents to participate in governance of the city….

Selections by Gangalakshmi-5

A weekly series of readings by Gangalakshmi (in French) from selected works by the…

Matrimandir Symphony

If you close your eyes and listen to the sounds at Matrimandir, you will…

Thullal – Kalamandalam Suresh

Among the classical performing arts of Kerala, Thullal is distinct with its simplicity of…

Une très bonne nouvelle

Roland, membre du conseil d’administration d’Auroville International France, est venue apporter à Auroville Radio…

The History of Communication

For our September month long fund raising campaign enjoy a one minute sound Cartoon…