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Decisions, Water, Rain

RAS informs us on RA decision making event on Moday 27th at Solar Kitchen 10am to 4pm . IZ meeting of pavilion groups

Code of conduct – take 2

Code of conduct & eligibility criteria: some fundamental questions need to be asked & answered before the next attempt

Future School and AVRadio

Advertisment made by Future School children to learn content creation, recording and editing with AVRadio team.

Akash Kapur & William Dalrymple

Akash Kapur & William Dalrymple.A lively discussions and a Q & A session moderated by AF director Olivier Litvine

Happy Diwali

Diwali news - where and how we will celebrate it together, and what it will remain close don Wedensday.

Code of conduct – take 2

Second GM held on Wednesday, the 15th of October, at 4:30 pm at Unity…

Future School and AVRadio

The Future School children collaborated in creating advertising for their School and the Solar…

Mother’s Agenda April 1962

Mothers Agenda recorded by Satprem April 13 1962-
This tremendous document 6,000 pages in 13…

Akash Kapur & William Dalrymple

A literature evening with Akash Kapur and William Dalrymple.
Both writers give you an appointment…

Off the Cuff- Andrea, Renu, Wazo

An informal commentary on topics concerning the community of Auroville.
Andrea, Renu and Wazo…