Selections par Gangalakshmi 95

Gangalakshmi's weekly selection of Sri Aurobinod and The Mother. This week -Le Demi Jour du Reel Terrestre

Sweet Sound of Latin Jazz

It's not exclusive, but inclusive, which is the whole spirit of jazz., and today's edition dedicated to Latin/ Jazz...

Rare Roots, Reggae Gems

Featuring well known producer Dubmatix and his mix of Rare Roots, Reggae Gems.

Synthesis of Yoga Chapter III

Threefold Life of the Integral Yoga: the Spirit, Mind and Matter

Mother's Q & A – 22/2/56

When the spirit is conscious of Immortality it becomes a strong immobility all made of strength.

Capoeira workshop at Solitude

what was supposedly to be a workshop turned into one of the most happening…

Synthesis of Yoga Chapter III

Here is the first half of Chapter III The Threefold Life, page 20 -…

Mother's Q & A – 22/2/56

Mother’s Questions And Answers – February 22, 1956

Mother says that the greatest…