Future, who are you?

Interviews with newcomers about their life, their view on Auroville and their vision.

Understanding Self-Education

In this dynamic workshop presentation J.V Wheeler shares with us what she has found on the subject of self-education

Food Distribution and Way Forward

Recording of GM on the topic of Food Distribution after extensive survey and research

Marathon, Capoeira, Heritage Fest

Crazy busy weekend ahead of us, starting tomorrow with Capoeira Festival, AV Marathon on 14th, AV&PY Heritage Festival

Mother's Q & A – 23/11/55

Mother says all forms of deity are forms of one Reality. She says that "miracles" are only what we can't explain.

Understanding Self-Education

Understanding Self-Education: Learning to Ask the Right Questions by Jane V. Wheeler, Ph.D. (Associate…

Sacred chants and Kirtan

Saturday 6th, February at 8:00 pm

Inspired by classical Hindustani music, Adam composed the melodies…

Classical Hindustani Ragas

Thoroughly grounded in the Jaipur Atrauli Khayal Gayaki tradition, Ashwini has developed into an…

Mother's Q & A – 23/11/55

Mother’s Questions & Answers – November 23, 1955

Mother says that all forms…

Happy Losar, New Year

Wednesday, 10th February at 4.30 pm at Mahalaxmi park, boulders General Meeting without Walls!…