Ayurvedic Health Education, part3

Third part of Ayurvedic health education by Dr. Geeta Auropremi

Info on Restructuring of TDC

Recording of informational meeting on proposed restructuring of TDC.

Savitri, B. 1, C. 2

The king starts his journey for humanity through the planes and parts of his being which are also cosmic planes.

The True Stories of Volunteers

AVAG and Ecofemme Volunteers' Presentation talk about social work in Auroville

Landing AV, Hat Tournament

Landing Auroville on Sunday at 4pm at UP, at 8am KUILAP'??S MAHA CLEAN UP. Hat Tournament on weekend.

Ayurvedic Health Education, part3

Featuring Dr. Geeta Auropremi who will lead us through ayurveda.
introduction about human…

Info on Restructuring of TDC

Following is a recording of informational meeting on proposed (by Working Committee) restructuring…

Savitri, B. 1, C. 2

Savitri, Book I, The Book Of The Traveller Of The Worlds, Canto II, The…

Classical Hindustani Vocal Music

Sunday 31st January 2016 at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium – Bharat Nivas: Classical Hindustani Vocal…

Music Harvesting

Krishna invited for the third and last Open Microphone for this season in Solitude…