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Terra Del Sud, Africa

Local women will dwell on menstrual cycle 31st at 3.30pm at unity Pavilion. AV Green Practices students presentation

World Groove Connection #2

Erika and Siam Lee, travelers musicians and cultural activists , present the new trends of world music ! Let's GROOVE!

Content at the Speed of Light

A very fast fiber optic network is connecting some public buildings in Auroville. Video content will be shared soon.

Good Vibrations

Explore the effects of sound on the brain and how it can heal in this in-depth study by Albert in Auroville

Intergal Education, AV Films

Conversation on integral education tomorrow at 4pm at SAIIER. Workshop wiht Tamil women on menstrual pads.

World Groove Connection #2

Erika and Siam Lee, travelers musicians and cultural activists, present the new trends of...

Saturday madness with Sic Sixx

It's another Saturday, and another playlist from DJ Sic Sixx (Luca), this time ranging...

Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations: Music, Art and Mental Wellness

This segment explores the effects...

Energy in Sound, Colours

Emanating from Latin America, cumbia rhythms are fast becoming as international as the ubiquitous...

Intergal Education, AV Films

Tomorrow from 4pm to 5.30pm at SAIIER The Teachers Center invites Auroville teachers and...

Off the Cuff-36

This week we are joined briefly by Marissa, Ayesha, Mira and Antonio who share...