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Decentralization and Future

Interesting talk of Dr. Karthink on Decentralization and Humanity's Future this morning at SAIIER conference room

Off the Cuff- Andrea & Wazo

Off the Cuff- Andrea & Wazo discuss their personal doubts and questions related to Auroville internal affairs.

Culture, Talks, Art

Alert to switch on saving mode for water! Events this weekend from theater, talks, dance...

Frederick recalling Kireet’s call

Frederick recalls Kireet Joshi who had Auroville's collective destiny in his heart, mind and work.

One Family – Eco Village

Memebers of Konohana Family from Japan talks on their community, way of living, philosophy of oneness

Off the Cuff- Andrea & Wazo

Andrea and Wazo manage this episode without Renu's endless opinions and information, despite this,...

Frederick recalling Kireet’s call

Kireet Joshi had Auroville's collective destiny in his heart, mind and work. Frederick recalls...

Poppo's Megalithic Museum

Poppo tells us about the living museum he is conserving near the center of...