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Princesse Polignac

Ma Vie en Revolution meeting and dialogue with Princess de Polignac - presented by the Auroville's French Pavilion

Keith Jarret Tribute

Featuring few track of huge creative opus of great jazz, and other genres .... musician Keith Jarret.

Synthesis of Yoga Pt. 1, Ch. 7

Only the supramental consciousness can reveal spiritual truth to our differing and conflicting parts, forces.

Mother's Q&A – June 20, 1956

Mother speaks on love, pleasure, inner delight, and the mixture of vital impulse and pure emotion in the heart.

A talk by Ribhu and Marc

During Litter Free Auroville 2017, a talk by Ribhu and Marc about upcycling and waste management.

Princesse Polignac

My Life in Revolution with the Princess Constance de Polignac.
The life of the…

Keith Jarret Tribute

Keith Jarrett , an American jazz and classical music pianist, who started his…

Synthesis of Yoga Pt. 1, Ch. 7

Continuing on the bottom of page 197 with Chapter 7: Standards of Conduct…

Art and Culture Workshop

It was a three days workshop organised by Bharat Niwas, it was conducted by…

Mother's Q&A – June 20, 1956

Mother’s Questions And Answers, June 20, 1956

Mother speaks on many different subjects,…

CAT13: Auroville is Volunteerland

This CAT’s meet (Creating Auroville Together) was on the most crucial topic to Auroville,…