Newly opened wing of AVDZINES

The inauguration of the newly extended wing of Auroville Design Services (AVDZINES).

Mime – The Essence of Acting

Conversation between Shri Niranjan Goswami and Drupad on mime, Mime Festival, acting, life.......

Mime Wait for Godot

For the conclusion of 12 days long Mime Festival artist shared with us mime performance "Mime Wait for Godot"

The Updated City Centre Canteen

The City Centre Canteen moves to a new location near Vehicular service.

Mother's Q & A – 21 Sept 1955

Mother speaks about increasing commercial mentality, the degradation of the arts and integral progress for children,

Mime Wait for Godot

Last night at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India was the last…

Fair Trade & Climate Change Walk

‘Go Push go’ were the words heard from the group of people supporting Pushpanath…

The Updated City Centre Canteen

While the ‘Rain Gods’ are continuously keeping us overwhelmed and every bit of Auroville…

Mime Waits, 11th Day of Rain

Intoday’s news we are featuring Drupad inviting us to a gala mime show –

Mother's Q & A – 21 Sept 1955

Mother’s Questions and Answers,
September 21, 1955

Mother speaks about the increasing…

Off the Cuff – 53

The monsoon rains continue to fall, reported flooding areas in Chennai, here in Auroville…