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Youth Center Chrsitmas Fair 2014

The "Spicey YC" Christmas fair; enjoy hearing about the food, games, Pony rides, and other activities.

Accessible Auroville Presentation

Accessible Auroville made a presentation of the booklet titled

Xmass Celebrations, Sadhana Forest

Several celebrations and programs this week from drama, dance to music, Sadhan Forest 11th birthday....

Organic Fun at the Youth Centre

This event is organized to collect the needed funds to run the Youth Centre in Auroville. Guests & Aurovilians likes it!

Brighu’s Music of Guitar

Brighu Sahni on classical guitar at Pitanga traveling through "tunings" supported with his life philosophy.

Sacred Grove Housing Project

Sacred Groves is an innovative project where the hands on approach to building housing and community come together.

Youth Center Chrsitmas Fair 2014

Annan is our reporter taking advantage of our stand introducing the Auroville Radio in...

Accessible Auroville Presentation

On Sunday 21st of December at Unity Pavilion, Accessible Auroville made a presentation of...

Off the Cuff- Andrea,Renu, Wazo

As usual without any preparation or any clear direction the trio adventure through a...

Organic Fun at the Youth Centre

Spicy Youth Centre Christmas Fair. Like every year the Auroville YC organized his Christmas...

Brighu’s Music of Guitar

Tonight concert of Brighu Sahni filled up the room at Pitanga Cultural...

Selections by Gangalakshmi-19

A weekly series of readings by Gangalakshmi (in French) from selected works by or...