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World Premiere, ISI Helmets

Featuring Philippe inviting us on 10th at Bharat Nivas for a world premier of Embracing the Planet. ISI helmets a must

Gratitude in Journey and Oneness

Featuring Philippe Pelen Baldini, Thierry Moucazambo, Irven Morapedi Teme talking on their performance 10th of July

Mud Walls at TLC

All those who enjoy getting their hands muddy are invited to help and learn how to make mud walls at TLC base camp

Health Fund, New Prices of Meals

BCC reminds us to be part of AV Health Fund with 400Rps per month/children 200Rps, and new prices of SK meals.


Featuring music of one of the greatest musicians from Nigeria - King Sunny Ade.

Mud Walls at TLC

The Learning Community's base camp is located on the road to Dana opposite Transition...

Viria on AV Hoops 2015

Viria tells us the story of AV Hoops one a of the 6 basketball...

Health Fund, New Prices of Meals

By Auroville Council, Residents Assembly Service we are invited on 7th of...


King Sunny Adé was, in many ways, THE inspiration for what would become Afropop....