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AVFF17 Opening Ceremony

5th Auroville Film Festival was inaugurated today at Town Hall Plazza by Krishna and Sasi. #Auroville50

AVFF17 Swaha Blues Band

For the first night of AVFF17 among accompanying events we heard Swaha Blues Band. #Auroville50

Movie Scores from 70ies

Famous movie scores from the films made in 70ies....

News – Restorative Circles, Nada, Pranayama, Green Belt Dev, Gift Economy

Restorative Circles, Nada, Pranayama, Green Belt Dev, Gift Economy, Gregory Bateman

Old Movies Scores

Featuring some of old, classical movie scores....

AVFF17 Opening Ceremony

The 5th Auroville Film Festival is here!
At the same time the AVFF17 is…

AVFF17 Swaha Blues Band

Despite some technical difficulties we had a pleasure to hear , after the…

Old Movies Scores

Since the film festival starts tomorrow, we are featuring some scores of old, classical…


Interview with the community members about Auroville film festival 2017