Water Aria, PondyPhoto16

PondyPhoto 2016 will be inaugurated on 26th at 8pm at Old Port by Water Aria by Hamsini, Carla, AV Ssters

Selections par Gangalakshmi – 91

Sri Aurobindo's le Crops Divin read by Gangalakshmi

Mother's Q & A – 18/1/56

Mother speaks of the yoga practice, being chosen by the Supreme, and aspiration for growth in plants and children.

ARA on Housing part 2

2nd ARA meeting on housing - a working meeting in a quest to find practical solutions.

Housing, Economy, Water

Today's 2nd ARA meeting on housing at 3.30pm at UP with working schedule. PondyPhoto 2016 starts on 26th

Housing, Economy, Water

Today at 3.30pm at Unity Pavilion 2nd ARA working meeting on housing.
The ideas regarding…

Savitri – Book 2, Canto 4, Part 3

Savitri, Book II, Canto IV, Part 3, Pages 141 – 146

King Aswapathy…