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Fusion, Sarang, Samba de Roda

Tonight at 7.30pm at UP in IZ interesting fusion concert presented by AVI USA. 28th at 6pm, Bharat Nivas presentations

Off the Cuff No.13

Andrea, Renu, Wazo shares about Auroville's issues & potentials. Entry Service, International Zone, Water & Ideals

Impromptu Jazz Session, VC

A group of musicians from across Auroville present an evening of jazz at the Visitor's Centre.

The Merchant of Venice

Shakespeare's classical play The Merchant of Venice by Auroville Theater Group at Visitor Centre.

GM on Chennai Festival & Entry

A General Meeting was called by the Auroville Council to discuss the Chennai Festival & Entry Service issues.

Impromptu Jazz Session, VC

A group of musicians from across Auroville come together to present an evening of...

The Merchant of Venice

Last night premiere at Visitor Centre of Auroville Theater Group - Shakespeare's The Merchant...

Lilaloka Resource Centre

Lilaloka, the self-learning and Resource Centre for the Child, is having a fundraising lunch...

GM on Chennai Festival & Entry

The Auroville Council shared:
" We, the Auroville Council, are holding an interactive...

Discussion on ‘Volunteer’s tax’

The co-ordinator of SAVI, concerned Aurovilians, and volunteers discuss the implications of the financial...