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Voices from the AV Film Festival

Hear what the viewers made of the Auroville Film Festival 2015 in our audience interviews

Mother's Questions & Answers

Mother teaches about techniques for meditation and concentration and using images to make experiences more concrete.

Celebration of Evolution, Garba

From 13th, Tuesday until 22nd we will be celebrating Evolution at Ilaignarkal Education Centre with gratitude.

Chakra Meditation's Music

Featuring extended Andreas Mock's Merlin's Magic - Heart of Reiki, chakra meditation music.

Prog Playlist Part 1 by Sic Sixx

Today Sic Sixx brings to us a prog playlist which varies from soft psychedelic rock to progressive metalcore.

Voices from the AV Film Festival

The 2015 Auroville Film Festival aimed to connect with people living in and around…

Mother's Questions & Answers

August 10, 1955, August 17, 1955

In these two classes Mother teaches about…

Meetings of Chance in Auroville

Paths always criss-cross and intertwine at unexpected times and places. This was how I…

Chakra Meditation's Music

For The Heart of Reiki, Andreas Mock expanded Merlin’s Magic to include Heidrun…

Off the Cuff-47

In this OtC episode we have a relaxed approach to topics, exhausted after the…

Prog Playlist Part 1 by Sic Sixx

It’s been a while since I’ve been in the studio (well, two weeks but…

Rap disses

This mix is about rap disses, for people who dont know what is a…