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Des rêves pour changer notre vie

Les rêves peuvent-ils changer notre vie  ? Le dernier café Auroville à Paris avec Pierre Etevenon

New FoodLink Opening Ceremonies

Opening Ceremonies for the new FoodLink Complex were held in Auroville on March 22.

Barkha: Songs of the Rains

Students of Nandita Di sang traditional songs of the Monsoons based on traditional ragas in Aurovlle.

Hungarian Caravan

Bogi talks about her relation to the International Zone, and why they made a Hungarian Caravan.

Interview Janaka

Janaka livre ici quelques cles de sa quete

New FoodLink Opening Ceremonies

March 22 was the day the new FoodLink complex held its formal opening ceremonies....

Barkha: Songs of the Rains

Students of Nandita Di performed Barkha, the traditional songs of the Monsoons based on...

Interview Janaka

Janaka est un des premiers ''pionniers'' d'Auroville.
Les livres qu'il ecrit temoignent de...

Kalpana Housing Project Q&A

The final drawings and models for the Kalpana Housing Project were shown to an...