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Youth Initiative

Youth Representative Team invites all concern youth and "youth" to participate in the development of our city.

Kalpana Housing Project Q&A

Final designs and models for the Kalpana Housing Project are displayed at Auroville.

World Fusion – Trio Benares

Tri Benares at Bharat Nivas with Roger Henschel on sax, Deobrat Mishra on sitar and Prashant Mishra on tabla.

Off the Cuff-21

Andrea and Wazo discuss some trending topics in Auroville like the youth meeting, farms production and the water issue

Auroville par les astres

Astrologie : Interview de Fanchon sur le rôle d'Auroville dans l'ère du Verseau

Kalpana Housing Project Q&A

The final drawings and models for the Kalpana Housing Project were shown to an...

World Fusion – Trio Benares

Sri Aurobindo Auditorium in Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India in International Zone was crowded...

Barkha Songs of the rains

Barkha Songs of the rains based on Indian Ragas presented by students of Nandita...

Auroville par les astres

Fanchon Pradalier-Roy est chercheuse en astrologie.
Après un parcours comme spécialiste des médias et...

Happy Birthday to Wellpaper

Ten years ago Wellpaper was founded in Auroville by Dany and Orly as a...