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Category Archives: Integral Yoga

Synthesis of Yoga Part 1, Ch. 5

Here, picking up on page 139 through 144, is the second of 4 segments:of Chapter 5 The Ascent of the Sacrifice - 1.
Again Sri Aurobindo stresses that our works, our pursuit of knowledge, our every thought, word and deed must be part of the sacrifice offered to the Highest, the Divine Shakti and to no other Power, and in the right spirit, by the free soul.

Synthesis of Yoga Pt One Ch 4

Here is the third reading (of 4) of Part One The Yoga of Divine Works, Chapter 4 The Sacrifice, the Triune Path and the Lord of the Sacrifice.
In this portion, Sri Aurobindo explains further the often confusing concept of duality; the biune duality of Brahman-Maya, of Purusha-Prakriti, stands revealed. This Duality although in aspect separate, is inseparable. Wherever there is Prakriti, there is Purusha. Wherever there is Purusha, there is Prakriti. In fact, the dynamic duality of Ishwari Shakti, divine consciousness and World-Mother, become a mediatrix between the eternal One and manifested Many.

Synthesis of Yoga Part 1 Ch. 3

Here is the first half of Chapter 3, page 89, titled Self-Surrender in Works - The Way of the Gita, of Part One The Yoga of Divine Works.
The gist of this chapter may be summed up in this quote of Sri Aurobindo:
"... Attaining to a perfect equality in the soul, mind and heart, we realize our true self of oneness, one with all beings, one too with That which expresses itself in them and in all that we see and experience ... not one with all, we are not spiritual, not divine. Not equal-souled to all things, happenings and creatures, we cannot see spiritually, cannot know divinely, cannot feel divinely towards others.
This reading ends on page 98. The concluding half of this chapter picks up again on page 998 and goes to its end on page 105.

Synthesis of Yoga Pt 1 Ch 2

Here is the completion of Chapter 2 Self-Consecration of Part One Yoga of Divine Works, page 78 through page 88.
" A constant and unfailing will of consecration of all ourselves to the Supreme is demanded of us, an offering of our whole being and our many-chambered nature to the Eternal who is the All ..... total fullness of consecration can only come by a constant progression when the long and difficult process of transforming desire out of existence is completed in an ungrudging measure......constant rejection of all that is not the true Truth of the Divine .....perfect self-consecration implies perfect self-surrender...."

Synthesis of Yoga Pt 1 Ch 5

Continuing with Part One, Yoga of Divine Works, beginning Chapter 5: The Ascent of the Sacrifice - 1, Works of Knowledge - Psychic Being. This reading,page134 through page 139, is the first section of what will be 4 sections,

The foundations of integral knowledge of the Supreme and Infinite, it is to This that we offer our sacrifice, in its triple character: - a sacrifice of works, a sacrifice of love and adoration and, a sacrifice of knowledge.

In this section Sri Aurobindo begins to elaborate the meaning of these concepts; an increasing light of divine consciousness begins to occur as we work towards the goal.

Synthesis of Yoga Pt. 1, Ch . 4

This recording is the second part of Chapter 4 The Sacrifice, the Triune Path and the Lord of the Sacrifice, picking up on page 112. In this part, Sri Aurobindo continues to reveal the practice of this Yoga, which demands a constant inward remembrance of the one central liberating knowledge: in all is the one Self, the one Divine is all; all are in the Divine, all are the Divine and there is nothing else in the universe, - this is the whole background ..... becoming the whole substance of the consciousness. Realization of this enables self-surrender; self-giving progresses and sacrifice becomes easier, more powerful ..... opposing forces lose much of its strength .....

Integral Psychology Perspectives

On the 16th December 2016 a group gathered at Bhavishyate, Bharat Nivas, to discuss, share and deeply reflect on "how to recognize psychic discernment", the Intuitive guidance of the Psychic Being. What unfolded that evening was very interesting indeed.

Synthesis of Yoga Pt. 1 Ch. 4

And here concludes with this reading Part One: The Yoga of Divine Works, Chapter 4: The Sacrifice and the Lord of the Sacrifice, pages 125 through 133.
" . . . a surrender and submission to That which is beyond us, enabling the full and free working of its Power is indispensable. As that self-giving progresses, the work of the sacrifice becomes easier and more powerful . . . the prevention of the opposing Forces loses much of its strength . . .there takes place a coming to the front of some secret inmost soul within which was veiled by the restless activity of the mind, the turbulence of our vital impulses, the obscurity of the physical consciousness . . . which we now call our self."

Beauty and Sustainability by Divyanshi

The session began with an exercise wherein participants were requested to stand where they felt the most aligned on a continuum between two ends - one that represented "conserving Earth's resources for preserving Earth's beauty" and another that represented "spending Earth's resources to express inner human beauty". There was a diagonal line between these ends and a center. Half the participants stood near the center and half of them near the end closer to conserving resources. The session used the attached image to depict how essentially answers to such tough questions lie in transcending the continuum between seeming opposites, realizing their inner oneness as well as uniqueness of each element that is constituted in it.

Comments: 2 Date: 13 Jan 2017

Integrality Seminar on Poetry

At Savitri Bhavan, on the 15th December 2016, Divyanshi Chugh presented the third seminar of her ten seminar series on the Integrality in all Spheres of Life, the theme was poetry. She invited two guest speakers, Vladimir Yatsenko and Manohar (Luigi Fedele) to share their experience and knowledge of Savitri.

Comments: 0 Date: 19 Dec 2016
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