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Category Archives: City Life

Suhasini wins Surf Competition

Suhasini Damian learned to surf at the Kallialay Surf School. She won 1st prize in the Covelong Point Surf Classic in the Women's Category held in September this year as well as the "The Summer Swell Challenge" held in Pondicherry this August. She shares the experience in surfing and talks about her business in creating the swim wear line "4Shore" with her school buddy Dasha take a look here at their designs More on the Kallialay School here And an article on the competition can be read here:

Off the Cuff- Andrea, Renu, Wazo

An informal commentary on topics concerning the community of Auroville. Andrea, Renu and Wazo open this new weekly platform based on current events, personal hobbies or thoughts on any topic of interest. This week we mention our friend Ajit who just passed away, the topic of the governance in Auroville with some thoughts regarding the next Working Committee selection process, the surfing conditions due to the cyclone HudHud (and erosion matter) and the latest updates of the radio's projects. We welcome people who would like to join the discussion every Thu 10.00 at 10 am contact us here if you would like to come.

Restorative Circles

Last week we visioned together about how we dream we'd hold conflict in Auroville. People shared a longing for safe spaces, open communication, and a trust that conflict can be seen as an opportunity to move us forward. In today's meeting, we shared in more detail about Restorative Circles, a practice that responds very much to these dreams... A beautiful interactive meeting - learning and information, honest sharing and listening for deeper meaning, a sense of togetherness and hope... Download Doc

Comments: 0 Date: 17 Sep 2014

Sacred Grove Housing Project

We learn about the hands on philosophy and experience of the Sacred Grove housing project through its volunteers and project holder Manu Gopalan. The site is a lively mix of different functions, where the work site includes a small nursery and composting area that is fenced off, a dining platform, a carpentry shed, several containers serve as tool sheds, the living quarters and dormitories are a little set back. The power is generated by solar panels and a wind generator (built by Jorge) and all these are being monitored by Akash's Wattman-

The entire site is a happy ensemble, a self contained and busy world where innovation thrives as methods are adapted and the work itself is constantly fine tuning and re-adjusting itself to fulfill and find its potential and purpose.

Comments: 0 Date: 25 Aug 2014

Off the Cuff- Andrea, Renu, Wazo

An informal commentary on topics concerning the community of Auroville. Andrea, Renu and Wazo open this new weekly platform based on current events, personal hobbies or thoughts on any topic of interest. Renu and Wazo discuss the amount of rainfall, perils of vehicular safety for visitors, Remedies for Andreas recovery, pets and sterilization and the upcoming Genius Brothers show. We welcome people who would like to join the discussion every Thu at 10 am to contact us if you would like to be a guest on our program.

Gm Code of conduct

A subgroup, formed with a few members of AVC, has been working along with the Study Group, on finalising the draft on the above topics, by holding discussions amongst resource persons, compiling Aurovilians' input via e-mail. A one day workshop was held on the 20th of September, on the same topics. It is indeed a challenging task to integrate all the diverse points of view on these topics; The General Meeting on the 8th of October is another attempt at tackling this challenge by having an interactive session, where a questionnaire is presented to be answered. This questionnaire is a compilation of the results of the processes held thus far on these topics by the Council, and is not a finished product. Thank you for your participation! - The Auroville Council

Comments: 0 Date: 13 Oct 2014

GM & RA on FAMC Revised Mandate

Text by the Residents' Assembly Service: "Dear Friend, the Auroville Council and the Residents' Assembly Service (RAS) would like to warmly invite you to a General Meeting on the topic of the revised mandate for the Funds and Assets Management Committee (FAMC). This meeting will be followed a week later by a Residents' Assembly Decision-Making Process to ratify or reject the draft mandate. All residents are encouraged to participate in both events to ensure maximum collective input into our community decisions. *General Meeting - How is the Revised FAMC Mandate Different to the Existing Mandate?* In the interests of gaining a better understanding of the functioning of the FAMC under the proposed revised FAMC mandate, the Auroville Council has invited all of the groups that would be represented under the revised mandate to present themselves to a General Meeting and respond to questions relating to their role within the the FAMC under the revised mandate." Please find the draft mandate linked here:

Comments: 0 Date: 12 Sep 2014

Code of conduct – take 2

Second GM held on Wednesday, the 15th of October, at 4:30 pm at Unity Pavilion. After this meeting the AVCouncil has declared the following. Dear community members, In regards to our process on trying to create a 'Code of conduct and eligibility criteria' for working groups, limited participation and divulging opinions within the community on the topic has resulted in a lack of conclusion for the time being. The Auroville Council would like to halt this process at this point; it seems some fundamental questions need to be asked and answered by us as a collective, including the need and implementation strategy of such a document, before the next attempt is made to draft a conclusive 'Code of conduct and eligibility criteria' guidelines. All those who participated in this difficult process diligently, the Auroville Council thanks you for your patience and persistence. Once we are ready to restart the process with a different better approach, we will announce it to the community. In the meanwhile, for the possible 3 day selection process in the first week of November, the temporary Feedback Review Committee will use Laws of India, guidelines from the Mother and 'Material conditions to live in Auroville' as a base to process feedback on nominees for the Working Committee and Auroville Council. Sincerely, The Auroville Council

Open house at Future School

Future School held an open house event on Friday the 19th Septemeber. The event was an opportunity to raise funds for the school to help keep us with the needs of the growing number of teenagers attending. It was a fun filled atmosphere that sold items donated by various production units and second hand items contributed to the event. Parents wondered around enjoying the snacks, beverages and performances that the children organized and participated in.

Comments: 0 Date: 23 Sep 2014

Auroville Council reporting at GM

The Auroville Council presented a variety of the issues that they were working on and continue to solicit help and resource persons from the community. Although the session was called interactive it was not quite so, as there were so many topics to be covered. Koodam presented its work as a conflict resolutions body, (which has helped to free up the council so it can perform its wider purpose), and a paper of a basic code of conduct.

The meeting closed with Inge from the RA's seeing the need to help in the presentation organization so that the topics that require more debate and interactive input by the residents is given adequate time.

Comments: 0 Date: 27 Aug 2014
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