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Life experiences

A Korean boy and the American have more Incoment then what you think, Listen to our story and tell us what you think. Thank you hope you enjoy it

Sophia's mission

Sophia is on a mission to treat every dog that she comes across in and around Auroville that is suffering from scabies or maggot wounds. It is her love for animals that drives her everyday to raise awareness about how the diseases are quite treatable. Usually, these diseases go unnoticed and the dog eventually dies.

While Sophia goes around trying to help raise awareness and treat such dogs on her own, anyone who is interested in joining her endeavour is more than welcome to contact her : +91 9566173799

Eco Femme's journey so far

Eco Femme began in 2010 and aims to promote cloth pads amongst women by raising more awareness. In this interview, Kathy talks about the hazards of using plastic sanitary pads, the taboos that surround menstruation, and the need to make the switch.

Find out more about Eco Femme at

GM on Learning Activities in AV

On the 29th May 2017 a general meeting was held at Unity Pavillion to discuss the guidelines for learning activities in Auroville. The main points were the implementation of tax and visa types and restrictions to those with a tourist status.

A Conversation with Dino and D

In this interview, we talk with Dino and D who are both artists from the United States, While, Dino left on the day of the interview promising to return, D remains in Auroville. This interesting interview covers a range of topics. The two discuss what compelled them to travel to Auroville and their art and spirituality in relation to it. Furthermore, the two discuss the current polarizing political climate in America, and what it means to be at a distance from it as individuals from a minority group.

Rachel's Story

An Interview you must listen to. I met Rachel some weeks ago when she had just arrived in Auroville and immediately, I could not help but notice what a kind person she was. A few days ago, I decided to interview her knowing that she had traveled quite a bit and it may make for an interesting story. This story was however something I was not prepared for. In this interview, Rachel talks about her life and what kept her going in spite of what hardships came her way.

The ‘After-Meeting Interview’

Should we open Auroville's doors and allow people to find out for themselves if the 'city of dawn' is their community; or should we assume the responsibility to select candidates carefully? How can we avoid the Entry Service to be closed for such a long time? Do New Comers feel under scrutiny during the one year process? What can we do to involve more Tamil New Comers and Aurovillians to these meetings? Auroville Radio asks participants of the meeting to express their view.

Comments: 0 Date: 15 May 2017

Leela and Yona- Life in Av

In this short interview, we ask one another questions about how it is to live here as a teenager and how we feel about the schools, Solar Kitchen food, and the difference of staying in a small community versus living in a big city, etc...

Basketball Semi Finals

Jyoti and Ratnam of the Auroville Basketball Family discuss the results of the semi finals of the Puducherry State Level basketball tournament. Held at the New Creation sports ground, the event was jointly organized by LOTUS and FRATERNITY basketball clubs along with the Auroville Basketball Family on 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th and 30th June as well as on 1st and 2nd July, 2017. They discuss key players, challenges posed by more experienced players to the juniors and their expectations from the matches.

Le Pavillon de France présente

« Le nid du vent : recherche dystopique » Une « en-quête » sur l'habiter, l'utopie et la dystopie Présentée par Julie Beauté, étudiante en éco-philosophie à Paris Comment habitons-nous la Terre ? Quelle place nous donnons-nous, êtres vivants, les un-e-s les autres, les un-e-s avec les autres ? Quelles tranches de vies partageons-nous ? Comment construisons-nous notre demeure dans le monde ? Comment nos vies se pelotonnent-elles pour faire tomber les frontières de nos identités ? C'est à ces questions que Julie, étudiante en éco-philosophie à Paris et actuellement volontaire à Auro-Orchard, tente de répondre. Elle partagera sa recherche en cours, en proposant de s'interroger sur la question de l'habiter, sur les notions d'utopie et de dystopie, sur les concepts de maison et de chez-soi – et leurs revers. Sortant des bibliothèques et s'implantant dans la terre et dans les romans (notamment de science-fiction), elle dressera l'esquisse d'une « philosophie de terrain » en train de se faire, pour tenter de comprendre comment les vies se mêlent, s'entrelacent et se confondent dans les replis du monde.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 May 2017
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