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Info on Restructuring of TDC

Following is a recording of informational meeting on proposed (by Working Committee) restructuring of TDC / L'Avenir d'Auroville . It was an opportunity for clarification and questions.

ARA on Decision Making Guidelines

RAS and Action Governance Group had an Active Residents Assembly meeting at Unity Pavilion on Saturday 23rd.

More Awareness

In  our  interview with Aryadeep we walk through the history of Auroville lands; a story which is tightly connected to his own path.He quotes quotes The Mother, who has said; "if people won't buy the land, lots of complexity will is important for unified harmonious existence...." Aryadeep is actively involved in the fund raising campaign for Acres For Auroville - A4A. Soon after joining Auroville he became aware that various plots, various pieces of land did not belong to Auroville. He has felt that if the integrity of the land which belongs to the city is eroded and full of gaps, the force of Auroville could be compromised, reduced. Because of this he decided that the land would be his area of work. For years, it was Aryadeep who kept the whole thing going through the quiet period when he had to stand at his post all alone. Through the interview we hear about the crucial and important moments in the past when things happened to protect Auroville land.

Comments: 2 Date: 13 Jan 2016

Canada can!

Christian (anciennement de AVI Canada) partage son point de vue sur le nouveau PM Canadien, sa connexion avec le yoga de Sri Aurobindo, la situation à l'heure actuelle, des anecdotes sur les pays et les derniers défis qui l'attendent. Christian (formerly of AVI Canada) shares his views on the new Canadian PM, his connection with Sri Aurobindo's yoga, the situation at present, anecdotes on the countries past and the challenges that lay ahead.

Comments: 0 Date: 28 Dec 2015

The True Stories of Volunteers

Volunteers' Presentation talk about social work in Auroville. Once a month, SAVI would like to share with the community the real stories of volunteers and the importance of their involvement and contribution to the development of various local and communal projects. This month, Laura Haslett and Tanvi Gupta present their experiences working with Auroville Village Action Group (AVAG), the background, aspirations as well as past and present outreach projects working with villagers that they have been developing and delivering. Melanie LeFebvre shares her experiences as a long term volunteer at Ecofemme Project. She talks about her involvement in expanding business and marketing side of the project, school outreach projects and raising important issues surrounding feminine hygene. Recorded at the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture on 28/01/2016 Presentation organised by SAVI

Comments: 0 Date: 04 Feb 2016

FAMC Mandate

Featuring the recordings of yesterday's General Meeting on new draft of FAMC mandate.

Detailed Plan of Residential Zone

Yesterday afternoon at SAIIER conference room Spanish architect Lusi Feduchi presented again - this time compiled and revised with feedback from Auroville architects - his Detailed Development Plan for Residential Zone 1 and 2.

This Interactive event was meant for all interested parties - residents to be more informed about the plan in order to approve it. Detailed plans will be available at Town Hall for public viewing
Common feeling of residents was that architects are not familiar with ground reality of the area.

Waste Water Managemnt for RZ

Today's meeting at SAIIER's conference room organized by TDC/L'Avenir d' Auroville, and presented by Jan was trying to point out that city does need move from ad hoc situation of building (as it was done in past) to an urban region with proper planning, starting with infrastructure. In regards to it also the sewage system has its own place, and for many reasons should be put in place quite soon. Jan presented one of the possibilities for the common waste water treatment of Residential Zone 1 and 2, which is clearly not in favor of the community. Since GOI grants were allocated to deal with those problems , and since the population of the Zone is rapidly growing , a solution needs to be found. After all, water is life, and water contaminated with too many of e.coli can be devastating for the population, apart from many other unwanted ingredients.     TDC announcement

During recent years considerable funds from GOI and other sources have been invested to develop the Sector 1 and 2 of the Residential Zone. As new residences have been built, roads and the technical infrastructure for drinking water supply and electricity network have been expanded. Similarly we would like to build up a waste water management system which is able to deal with the increasing demand. The system should be ecologically sound and provide recycled waste water for irrigation in parks and gardens. A detailed study was carried out to compare different options and determine the best suitable technique. The proposed design consists of a sewer system which connects to a single treatment plant. The treated water undergoes further purification and is then pumped back into the communities to be used for gardening. The sludge, separated during the treatment is post- processed at the treatment plant and can be used as compost in parks and gardens. In the first phase communities along the Vikas Radial are connected to a main sewer that runs along this Radial. A second sewer will be built along the Samasti-Solar Kitchen Radial and the remaining communities are connected in the following phases. The project is expandable to serve the entire planned population of these two sectors of the Residential Zone.

Comments: 0 Date: 27 Jan 2016

The Time is NOW – Funds for Land

Sigrid and Jasmine share their stories of involvement in the Acres For Auroville (A4A)  fund raising campaign, and their involvement in Green Acres - a project to which they are passionately, actively dedicated. They call it a sister campaign. Both of them acknowledge the importance of the Green Belt in the Master Plan of Auroville for the purpose of protecting  and securing our natural resources, and to further develop the city as a real example of sustainability according to the Mother's vision. As they say; the Time is NOW! to purchase the remaining plots of the land which do not yet belong to Auroville. Private developers are actively  endangering the integrity of the city with their speculative way of purchasing land and building exclusively to satisfy their own greed for profit. More important, Sigrid and Jasmine see the collaborative fundraising campaigns of  A4A and Green Acres as tools to bring people together, to work together, and  to bring human unity. For 7th of February of this year they are planning an interactive communicative event at the Unity Pavilion, which they call  Landing Auroville. There will be movies and music, and things for people to see and do. Everyone is invited! The organizers see this gathering as a celebration of the sacredness of the land itself.

Comments: 0 Date: 17 Jan 2016

A Dream Down to Earth

For past couple of years Serens is traveling around the planet and exploring intentional communities. Her path brought her to Auroville as well where she was exploring how Auroville is today, how much it has achieved, and how much more still needs to go. We will be able to see her exploration as a world premiere of her new film - Auroville: A Dream Down to Earth on Tuesday 12th of January at 5.30pm at Kala Kendra, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India, International Zone. For that screening Serena has prepared selection of other her short films on intentional communities around the world beside the Auroville's one which would be seen the last. Serena admires vast knowledge of Auroville community regarding spirituality, different projects and above all human unity; but she is less enthusiastic about AV architecture which she finds mostly unsustainable..

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