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Category Archives: City Life

Restorative Circles

Last week we visioned together about how we dream we'd hold conflict in Auroville. People shared a longing for safe spaces, open communication, and a trust that conflict can be seen as an opportunity to move us forward. In today's meeting, we shared in more detail about Restorative Circles, a practice that responds very much to these dreams... A beautiful interactive meeting - learning and information, honest sharing and listening for deeper meaning, a sense of togetherness and hope... Download Doc

Comments: 0 Date: 17 Sep 2014

Sacred Grove Housing Project

We learn about the hands on philosophy and experience of the Sacred Grove housing project through its volunteers and project holder Manu Gopalan. The site is a lively mix of different functions, where the work site includes a small nursery and composting area that is fenced off, a dining platform, a carpentry shed, several containers serve as tool sheds, the living quarters and dormitories are a little set back. The power is generated by solar panels and a wind generator (built by Jorge) and all these are being monitored by Akash's Wattman-

The entire site is a happy ensemble, a self contained and busy world where innovation thrives as methods are adapted and the work itself is constantly fine tuning and re-adjusting itself to fulfill and find its potential and purpose.

Comments: 0 Date: 25 Aug 2014

Being a Youth in Auroville

This is a short interview, talking about how it is being a youth in Auroville.

Comments: 0 Date: 21 Jul 2014

Our WC, Our Concern

Past weekend decision making event brought quorum with yes for AVC and no for WC, but the fact is that the Working Committee is very much needed. Now, to be in, and fully functional. How we are going to select it? When? So, informal invitation to meet by Amy simply resonate by many. Meeting on "sharing and exploring next steeps concerning the future Working Committee" showed that the need for residents to work on it together is big. No decision was taken last night but a promise of continuation of the exploration and dialog.

Amy's notes from the gathering of 2 July re: the next Working Committee --- Dear all, This is what I noted down. I concentrated mostly on the proposals on how to move forward. It is not everything that was said. It is not meant to be. Please feel free to add your comments here. Proposals: - Let Aurovilians nominate individuals to serve on the Working Committee, for consideration within the RA approved process (do not limit it to only self-nomination); - Create an interim Working Committee and continue to explore and improve upon the RA approved process (which could be used to create the permanent Working Committee in the next six months or so); - Ask the former Working Committee (those who served before the current Working Committee) to serve again; - Ask the current Working Committee to continue for another six months while the residents continue to explore the RA approved process; - Endorse only the proposed Working Committee signatories that were a result of the RA approved process; - Within 1 month invite from the former 3 to 5 Working Committees, individuals to serve on the new Working Committee; this action would be faciliated by the Study Group on Organization. Some points that were reiterated: The Working Committee is the secretariat of the Residents Assembly; The Working Committee referes to the Residents Assembly as much as possible; The Working Committee needs the commitment of the Residents Assembly; Residents need to give their support to the Working Committee now. A question: What did the Residents Assembly vote of no on 28 June 2014 mean? Did it mean no to the proposed members of the Working Committee only? Did it mean no to the process that resulted in the proposed members of the Working Committee? Did it mean no to both the members and the process in regards to the Working Committee? A request: Please re-read the Study Group on Organization process with an open heart. I heard a few people ask for a follow-up gathering, to continue the sharing and listening and exploration. I heard both Saturday 5 July, or next Wednesday 9 July. It was proposed that the Residents Assembly Service facilitate it. It was also proposed that I bring it forward. I am happy to put the proposal forward for us to meet on Saturday 5 July at Unity Pavilion. I would have to make sure it's available. That's it for now... Thanks to each and every one of you for your presence today. ~Amy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Working Committee of the Residents' Assembly has been established by the Auroville Foundation Act. Its main function, as described in the Act, is to assist the Resident's Assembly or, as the case may be, the Governing board, in discharging its duties under this Act. The additional powers of the Working Committee are to create or constitute other organisations, trusts, societies of associations relatable in Auroville. For this, it requires the approval of the Governing Board. The Working Committee consists of not more than seven members, which are chosen by the Resident's Assembly from among themselves in a way and for a term of office as decided upon by the Residents' Assembly.

Comments: 0 Date: 02 Jul 2014

GM & RA on FAMC Revised Mandate

Text by the Residents' Assembly Service: "Dear Friend, the Auroville Council and the Residents' Assembly Service (RAS) would like to warmly invite you to a General Meeting on the topic of the revised mandate for the Funds and Assets Management Committee (FAMC). This meeting will be followed a week later by a Residents' Assembly Decision-Making Process to ratify or reject the draft mandate. All residents are encouraged to participate in both events to ensure maximum collective input into our community decisions. *General Meeting - How is the Revised FAMC Mandate Different to the Existing Mandate?* In the interests of gaining a better understanding of the functioning of the FAMC under the proposed revised FAMC mandate, the Auroville Council has invited all of the groups that would be represented under the revised mandate to present themselves to a General Meeting and respond to questions relating to their role within the the FAMC under the revised mandate." Please find the draft mandate linked here:

Comments: 0 Date: 12 Sep 2014

First GM by the New AVCouncil

Meeting recording of the first General Meeting by the New Auroville Council.

Comments: 0 Date: 23 Jul 2014

Community Concerns

Third informal meeting on choosing new steps toward selection of Working Committee came to a conclusion that Auroville Council should come up with proposal on it. Although on the table were proposals which might be acceptable and offered for RA. Community is well aware that Working Committee is very much needed, right now. And it does care about it, but since different views on who and how, it would be hard to come to a common conclusion or consensus. Those gathered on yesterdays meeting, and on two previous ones tried hard to find the way.

Comments: 0 Date: 10 Jul 2014

Auroville Council reporting at GM

The Auroville Council presented a variety of the issues that they were working on and continue to solicit help and resource persons from the community. Although the session was called interactive it was not quite so, as there were so many topics to be covered. Koodam presented its work as a conflict resolutions body, (which has helped to free up the council so it can perform its wider purpose), and a paper of a basic code of conduct.

The meeting closed with Inge from the RA's seeing the need to help in the presentation organization so that the topics that require more debate and interactive input by the residents is given adequate time.

Comments: 0 Date: 27 Aug 2014

The visitors view on Auroville

We interviewed tourists and volunteers and found a totally different perspective on Auroville! Do you remember what you thought of Auroville when you first visited? Watch these interviews to find out what Auroville's visitors think. :)

Comments: 0 Date: 22 Jul 2014

July 5th Meeting on WC selection

Amy called a meeting to enable the community to come up with a Working Committee members as the study groups proposed members were rejected. Its not clear which aspects of the study groups proposal were rejected because the vote was not structured to provide it. The meeting came to no conclusion although many new options were proposed and it was decided to attempt again on Tuesday to find a proposal that could be presented to the community even if for an interim time while the study group proposal is applied to the Auroville Council as a test.

Comments: 0 Date: 05 Jul 2014
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