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Category Archives: City Life

Organic Fun at the Youth Centre

Spicy Youth Centre Christmas Fair. Like every year the Auroville YC organized his Christmas Fair end of December for which concert, games, workshop, activities were organized.
The weather was nice giving the chance to enjoy the event. A lot of guests were present along with many Aurovilans and volunteers. A very pleasant gathering for the kids and adults as well.  More and merrier activities than ever before, to name a few: Flying fox, Climbing wall, Danke Schon, Bowling, Slides, Spice competition, Live Music & Performances, Tombola, Kids Parcour, Local Products, Tasty lunch & dinner, Pizza, Sandwiches, Dosai, Biriyani, BaJis and Pakoras, Cakes, Cookies, Juices and more.

Comments: 0 Date: 20 Dec 2014

National Identitiy through Art

Last night Kalakhoj presented at Unity Pavilion, International Zone talk by Mrs Helene Larsson Pousette, a curator and ex-cultural counselor of the Swedish Embassy in Serbia, who is currently visiting Auroville.
Through different examples of hers and other exhibition she shared with the community an idea on the notion of national identity explored in the cultural heritage's objects, art objects and exhibitions and unique collections. With that note she inspired the audience to start a discussion and questions and answers session.

Comments: 0 Date: 04 Dec 2014

Frederick recalling Kireet’s call

Kireet Joshi had Auroville's collective destiny in his heart, mind and work. Frederick recalls these principals and shares them as a renewal in our collective direction and his experience of the possibilities open to us to explore and find.
Dr. Kireet Joshi was head of the Ashram Center of Education and was instrumental in creating the legal structure for Auroville.

Comments: 2 Date: 25 Nov 2014

A Sidhartha interview

Sidhartha is the founder of Fireflies Ashram, located outside Bangalore, India.  He is a cultural critic and environmental campaigner. He has written books and published articles on spiritual and ecological themes, Fireflies ashram is concerned with transformation at the personal, social and ecological levels.

He will give a talk Thursday, November 13th at 7 pm Tibetan Pavilion.

Introduction of new WC members

On Dec15th the outcome of the three day selection process was celebrated at the unity pavilion. The recording starts at the second part of the meeting when each new member presents themselves. Residents were greeted by children serving cookies, next there was a puppet show that summarized with humor the three day process and songs by the TLC children, (unfortunately this section was not recorded). A rainbow interrupted the meeting briefly. The event concluded with the song "Imagine" by Future school students and a dinner was served for all.

Chandana 12, Composes "Sun Rise"

My name is Chandana and I am 12 years old. I was born in Auroville (2002).
My father Nadaka is a musician and so music was always present in our house. I love music very much. When Vania first had shown me the website on which I could create my own music I was amazed. I was very enthusiastic and tried many different things on it!! I was literally hitting buttons and changing musical parts, when finally I composed a song "Sun Rise".
This song made my family very happy and when Vania first heard it he suggested that with the help of Auroville Radio I could share it with friends and the rest of the world.
I hope this song makes you and others smile :)

Comments: 5 Date: 01 Dec 2014

Off the Cuff- Andrea, Renu Wazo

In this episode we discuss money inspired by an article posted by Krishna on the volunteer contribution policy change.
The suggested monthly contribution may make it difficult to give the chance to young people to join the many projects were volunteers are very welcome and the Auroville projects are also not in a position to be able to cover these expenses. The radio alone has developed thanks to some 250 highly skilled volunteers and interns. The question of centralized money and decentralized skills have all to be appreciated for the energy they bring and a balance found between our view of energy - be it money or work.

Click here to download an interview (by Alan of Auroville Today) with Alon and Batel regarding the Integrated Sustainability Platform ISP.

Comments: 0 Date: 21 Nov 2014

Lionel’s impressions of Auroville

Lionel (a social anthropologist) visiting from Belgium shares his impressions from a month and half in Auroville. During his stay here he volunteered to help create the base information for making surveys by collecting and organizing data to create a sampling of our population.
He talks about the positive aspects of Auroville as well as the dangers we face and the possible political structures that could emerge based on a actual democracy.

Comments: 0 Date: 15 Dec 2014

Off the Cuff- Andrea & Wazo

Andrea and Wazo manage this episode without Renu's endless opinions and information, despite this, they discuss happenings in Auroville, the on-going selection process, the new maintenance increase and review some of the old topics from the previous episodes such as the conversion of farming land for industrial production, contribution amounts for Aurovilians, the weather and more.


Comments: 0 Date: 28 Nov 2014

Wellpaper Project

WELL: women, empowerment, local, livelihood.
These are the words that sustain this project of social economy. The Wellpaper project recycles paper waste to transform it into useful and beautiful objects. Training and empowering women from the villages develops and maintains a social business unit of great local importance. The workers of this unit acquire a vast knowledge in managing this type of social business and they become agents of replication. Some of them work as teachers in other communities that want to implement the same kind of successful social economy.
Local is beautiful!

Comments: 0 Date: 17 Nov 2014
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