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Reach For the Stars

Before her departure to Germany Stephanie, the funder of the project "Reach For the Stars" for students of bioregion, has stop at our studio, and share with us some facts and insights on it.
This year the project will be 5 years old and in that period all together 61 young adults from Auroville neighboring villages participated. Stephanie with the team of 8 people created a bridge between private donors, mostly from Germany, and children who are either coming from poorer or nonfunctional families. Personal interaction, and support on many levels is present, which creates a different relationship with care and responsibilities on both sides.
Those youngster participating in the project are given scholarship to pursue their academic education, and up to today 13 of them have already finished, amongst one is a medical student.

Comments: 0 Date: 17 Apr 2015

Youth Initiative

Yesterday afternoon the conference room at SAIER building in Town Hall complex was packed with all well wishers and some youth who responded to the invitation of the current Youth Representative team to a special event. In past few months before the Auroville Retreat they have formed team which was looking at the concerns of youth through various activities in the community. Yesterday they presented what they have gathered and discovered so far, and their aims in coming months which will involve youth more actively in the development of the community. They hope that more concerned youth will join them, and they remain open for all those who wish to participate, support or mentor their efforts.

On the following link we can see the outcomes of Auroville Retreat

Comments: 0 Date: 29 Mar 2015

Plenary of AV Retreat

For the conclusion of Auroville Retreat in which 150 members of the community actively dedicated past two days with brainstorming on possible solutions to move forward in all the major aspect of our lives, we heard some interesting suggestions and words of thanks. But most inspiring were the words of chairman of Governing Board, which members along with International Advisory Council were also present at the occasion, Dr. Karan Singh who amongst others expressed that he can feel a change, shift in the community, and for the first time sees smiles on our faces.

Kireet Joshi on Self Governance

In Auroville’s history Chairman Dr Kireet Joshi has talked to all Aurovilians in 2003 at Bharat Nivas about Self Governance.
It brings back to memory all the interrelations between Auroville, India and the world, beginning with 1968, designing a very clear and precise picture in which one can follow the progressive roads taken inspired by Mothers Auroville Charter.
Auroville is presently called to traverse a new evolutionary stage. The fruits of His Dialogue are still alive and wait to be lived and manifested, at the same time supported by the Eternal Breath inspiring us on the way to new Creations.
With immense and profound gratitude to our precious Guide and Comrade, who is always actively present among us.
By GangaLakshmi

C’est une remémoration à compter de 1968, au travers d’un tableau très clair et très précis, avec toutes les inter-relations complexes d’Auroville , de l’Inde et du monde - on peut y suivre les pistes progressives inspirées par la Charte d’Auroville de Mère.
Auroville est actuellement appelé à franchir une nouvelle étape évolutive et les fruits de Son Dialogue sont toujours vivants et attendent de se vivre et de se manifester; portés parallèlement par le Souffle Eternel avec des inspirations en voie de nouvelles Créations.
Avec une immense et profonde gratitude à notre Guide et Camarade précieux, toujours activement présent par nous.
Par GangaLakshmi

Comments: 0 Date: 23 Feb 2015

GM on Mangalam Radial- Pony farm

The General Meeting on the topic of the planned Pony Farm road was attended by well over 170 people.
The atmosphere was convivial and mature despite the opposing point of views. The diversity of people present, proved that many care deeply for the development of Auroville despite the differences in priorities, there was also a will for a collaborative way to be found. The RAS made an exemplary job by providing extensive information on the topic in the form of; Maps, images, background information and objections prior to the meeting. The RAS focus was to find tools and processes for joint ventures between residents and working group, however the various presentations and Q and A sessions took most of the time.

This recording has been re-edited and kept in its full length.


Comments: 0 Date: 08 Apr 2015

Kalpana Housing Project Q&A

The final drawings and models for the Kalpana Housing Project were shown to an interested group at SAIIER.
42 units are planned with 4 designed to be wheelchair accessible. The architect, Mr. Neel from Ovoid Atelier demonstrated how each unit will have outdoor access and privacy. The design was repurposed from the now cancelled Sports facility and is in the same location.
A sustainabilty consultant was engaged and he assured the audience that the latest techniques have been employed.
The Plan and model are on display at Housing Services.

Comments: 0 Date: 28 Mar 2015

Working Committee GM 06 March

Presentations by working groups organized by the Working Committee for public review prior to GB and IAC meetings on 15 March. Presentations included: Auroville Theatre Festival, Volunteers and Interns, SVARAM Campus, New Era Secondary School, Koodam, Sustainable Livlihood Institute, Land Matters and Town Development. The audience offered many useful suggestions. Only the first part of Koodam is presented here; while the presentations for Sustainable Livlihood Institute, Land Matters and Town Development were not recorded.

Matrimandir Gardens Presentation

Mira and Mark presented their plans for the  gardens to the public at Cinema Paradiso on August 31.
Special guests were Richard and Kailas who spoke frequently with The Mother regarding her conceptions for the garden.
Kailas had strong comments on the Garden of Life. Audience comments related to water use, creating gardens which bloomed in late afternoon, possible recreational use for the gardens and music.
The entire presentation will be on AVNet with a period for comments opening soon. 

Comments: 2 Date: 02 Apr 2015

Accessible Auroville

Susmita spiega in un questa intervista il progetto Accessible Auroville.
L'obbietivo principale e' di abbattere le barriere architettoniche ad Auroville per rendere ogni luogo accessibile a tutti.

The objectives of our Accessible Auroville project are, firstly, to raise and develop awareness of the concept and issues of accessibility in Auroville and, secondly, to be instrumental in bringing about the necessary changes in the layout, construction and facilities of our built environments that will make them accessible to all.

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Mar 2015

Balkan Hour

Temperamental visitors / volunteers Sandra and Daria hailing from Serbia and Bosnia hand picked few songs from Balkan area, mostly former Yugoslavia countries.
Within an hour you can hear lively rhythms of 16 songs along with either conscious or humorous lyrics, typical for the region, some of older date, some new ...
In a short interview girls tell us how and why they came to Auroville, and what is their experience.


1. Gypsy Song
2. Dino Merlin Burek
3. Bregovic Mesecina
4. Bjelo dugme Djurdjevdan
5. Olivera Katarina Sosana
6.Sonja Ilic I Balkanica Kermes
7. SARS Perspektiva

8.  Hop Hop Gypsies flying to the sky
9. Zabranjeno Pusenje Zeni nam se vukota
10. Balkan mix

11. Goran Bregovic Mashala Mashala
12. Lepa Brena Cik Cik pogodi
13. Goran Bregovic Mahalageasca bucovina
14. Dubioza Kollektiv ft. La pega
15. Zlatko Pejakovic Kad si bila mala mare
16. Esma Redzepova Caje Sukarije





Comments: 0 Date: 03 Mar 2015
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