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Interview with David Stein

David Stein presented his plan for the land use of the green belt area. He also speaks about the ways we can build relations with local villagers to increase on our good will. Currently AVF owns only 25% of the land marked out originally for green belt zone. David prepares us for hard work ahead of us, in areas of resolving local governance issues, preservation of ground level water reserves, infrastructure development by local villagers which can hamper the idea behind green belt use. David gave very specific and enlightening methods which can spearhead growth and development and urged for the people of Auroville to adopt to the proposed plan, so that the real work of implementing the plan can begin. He suggested we are losing on time as the development and in some case depletion of certain resources can strangle the growth of the city entirely, for example the rise in salinity in our ground level water reserves. He points out, Auroville is in India and not in isolation and accordingly we must adhere and manage solution under pretext of existing set of defined rules and not be just stuck by comfortable ideals. He in accord with L'avenier are calling for action by means of adopting to a plan.

Restructuring TDC

Following is the recording of the General meeting on the restructuring of TDC

Mallika Sarabhai:interview

At the last meeting of the present Governing Board, Mallika Sarabhai a member of the G.B talks about her experience and her fruitful association with Auroville.She later adds that she would continue her association with Auroville by being an advisor to Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India, International Zone.

Active Participation for TDC

AV Council invited the community to a follow-up General Meeting on the re-visioning and re-structuring of the Town Planning and Development of Auroville.Following the last workshop held in beginning of May 2016, a group of Resource Persons have been working to put together a framework to present to the community.
Although they have not managed to prepare all the data, was still clear that we might go another round (or another loop) if the members of the community will not actively participate in the process of re-structuring of the planning body.

Greenbelt land use plan

David Stein made a presentation to people of Auroville on his green belt land use plan. This plan is available on auronet and is waiting for an approval from Aurovillians. In near future a general meeting is being organized to understand and take a decision about action to be taken. The key note David Stein emphasised on was, by adopting the land use plan, we can start the process of getting legal status for Auroville buildings. David Stein along with the priority of adopting the plan, highlighted on the situation of increasing salinity in the ground water in Auroville and urged the people of the city to take urgent action to avoid dire situations in future. David said he is available for further comments and feedback , regarding the green belt land use plan.

GM:decision making system

On Tuesday the 13th at 4.30pm at Unity Pavilion the General Meeting to hear and discuss a:Proposed New Decision-making System for Auroville. The meeting was presided by the Active Residents’ Assembly and the Residents’ Assembly Service (RAS) to encourage the community to hear and discuss their proposal for a new, consensus-driven decision-making system for Auroville. The proposal builds on and develops our existing, naturally-derived consensus systems and takes them one step further. The meeting was attended by around 25 community members and after the presentation, a forum to clarify and to discuss the topic in detail was provided.

Update of AV Council

Yesterday, Wednesday 31 of August 2016, the general meeting of Auroville Council with updates. They were talking on how to progress in Auroville questions, such as: Housing, new comers and justice......were in the center of preoccupation.

AVAG Women's festival

On the 8th of September, AVAG organized a women's festival that was attended by hundreds of women from the villages. The pompous event showcased these talented women in a new light. They danced away to glory, sang melodiously, acted like professional movie stars as well. Their talent was lauded by the community members and the event was a platform to showcase their hidden talents. The festival was organised by the women and the second half of the festival would be conducted in October. The event was attended by Mallika Sarabhai as the women danced away to various dance forms that are central to Tamil Nadu. The festival threw light on how empowered these women are and their various talents as well.

End of term G.B

The meeting held at the Unity Pavilion was to celebrate the success of the Governing Board as their term comes to an end. The meeting was attended by Mr. Karan Singh, all the board members, Aurovilians and long term volunteers. The meeting ended with the beautiful poem rendered by Dr. Karan Singh.

ARA on Housing part 2

2nd ARA meeting on housing held yesterday at Unity Pavilion. .This follow-up meeting was building upon the ideas shared in the last ARA meeting. It was a working meeting, where participants were exploring ways to prioritise and practically implement these ideas. The ideas regarding housing, which primarily focussed upon affordable housing, fell into three main categories:
1.Finding new accommodation / places to build 2. The planning and construction of new accommodation 3. The financing of new accommodation.
The Organization Research Group

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