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Privilege to volunteer

Dominique from SAVI - service which helps volunteers to find their placement in Auroville services and units shares with updates on the new law requirements on strict visa policy for different types of foreigners. Indian Governement would like to be more strict with visas issued for those who would like to volunteer, and by new policy since June 2015 those who want to volunteer need an entry visa for six months or a year. With tourist visa is no longer possible to volunteer.
Working Committee posted a note on that on 6th of June 2015, and 8th of August in News&Notes.

When one would like to volunteer or study in Auroville , SAVI created a page
where one can find all the necessary information, including the visas pages

Int.Youth Day Stage Presentations

Aug 12th Auroville celebrated International Youth Day, a lively event organized by the newly formed Youth Link. Below are the speakers, topics and timings for your convenience.

Luca and Chandana (the Auroville Charter and more) 0.30 - 2.32
Aster P (Bharat Nivas) 2.50 - 6.00
Mandakini (W. Committee) 6.40 - 13.00
K.R Sheshatri (Pondy- Villupuram Youth Coordinator) 13.40 - 18.00
Kavitha (Youth Link) 19 - 21
Luca (Reasons for being here) 21 - 28.20
Mohanam Cultural Center (Drumming) 29 - 38
Angeli (Apprenticship Program) 39.28 - 44.30
Gijs (Tamil Nadu Offers) 39.40 - 47.50
Noe, Angeli, Terenti, Renu (About the Youth Center) 48.25 - 52.30
Thamarai Children (Singing) 52.37 - 55.00
Luca (singing) 55.18 - 1.08

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Aug 2015

Discussing appropiate dressing

The MAMA went to Visitor Center and asked a few people how they felt about appropriate dressing in Auroville. Each of them gave their opinion and their thoughts on this subject. It is an important matter due to the surroundings of Auroville.

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Jul 2015

Exploring the Town Hall

We explored the town hall offices and interviewed as many people as possible. Learn about their work, their responsibilities, what makes it fun or difficult and what they would do if they had a super-power!

Comments: 0 Date: 17 Jul 2015

A Critique-high-rise high-density

Talk by Ashok Lall took place in Auroville on the 22nd August covering the Genesis of high rise living, ‘social health’ of high rise living, Limits of density, economics of high rise development, environmental outputs, land utilization and mobility, followed by Q&A with a panel comprising of Sanjay Prakash, Tanmay Tathagath and Dean D’Cruz and Ashok Lall; all well know in India for their work in Sustainable Habitat.

Ashok Lall is an architect from New Delhi, Ex-dean of the TVB school of Architecture - ND, was convener of the Delhi Urban Arts Commission Work group on Energy. His work includes projects like the Indian Institute of Health Management Research, Jaipur; Sehgal Foundation, Gurgaon and Development Alternatives World Headquarters, New Delhi.

He is well wisher of Auroville and has helped with inputs on planning and architecture whenever requested by Auroville. This talk was organised as part of a two day meeting held in Auroville by the Gubbi Alliance for Sustainable Habitat.

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Aug 2015

Int.Youth Day – Interviews

Short interviews with the participants of the lively event at Bharat Nivas for the International Youth Day (Aug. 12), organized by Youth Link.
The invitation was open to volunteers, newcomers, and youth living in the area, to come and share their experience/work/talent.
For more information Please contact

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Aug 2015

Joy of Learning-The Master Plan

Tuesday July 21st from 4:30 to 6:30 pm in SAIIER Conference Hall the Auroville Campus Initiative organized the 3rd session of the Joy of Learning on; Exploring the Auroville Master Plan.
Amy, Deoyani, Lalit, Mike, Min, and Sophie have also created a quiz for you to test your knowledge on the topic

Presenters and topics;

Lalit - 'The History of the Master Plan'
Sauro - 'Key Features of the Master Plan and Evolution of Planning in Recent Times - Perspectives and Critical Aspects'
Toine - 'Legal and statutory Framework of Planning and Development; Infrastructure Planning and Development'

Comments: 2 Date: 22 Jul 2015

Adventures with Johnny- The story

What actually happened to Johnny? Get all the details of the drama from the man himself, an adventure that brings the best out of Auroville.

Comments: 4 Date: 19 Aug 2015

Content at the Speed of Light

Today Andrea met with Manu, Yahalom, Chandresh and Dyuman to discuss the implementation and the use of the fiber optic network in Auroville.
In the coming weeks some testing will start at the AurovilleRadio/TV in order to provide live audio video content.
Some events happening in public buildings will be visible in a dedicated video channel.
Actually some schools and about 5 public buildings are served but this service will be enlarged soon.
The next phase of the fiber infrastructure is to connect some missing communities, other public buildings and later also housing settlements will be reached by the fiber.
In the coming 2/3 years around 500 residents may avail of the hi speed network and associated services.
The ICITI project was initiated by JV Avadhanulu and Chandresh Patel.

Comments: 0 Date: 28 Jul 2015

Town Hall Work Experiences

Four future Future Schoolians decide to interview people working in Town Hall about their work. Warning... this interview will waste 5 minutes of your life. Now you have wasted another 20 seconds reading this...

Comments: 0 Date: 20 Jul 2015
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