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Inauguration of the Archives site

On The 4 Oct 2015 at 9.30 this morning Dr Karan Singh inaugurated the new site for the archives together with Aurovilians and members of the Governing Board and IAC.

GM AV Council Update

On Tuesday 22nd September at 4pm there was a General Meeting in the Unity Pavilion. Working Commetee and Auroville Council has update the community on the work done during the past year and questions on the ongoing selection process for new members will be answered. The deadline for the nomination to participate in the selection process is Saturday 26th September 2015.

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Sep 2015

Colllective Shift

Through interesting interview with Inge from Residents Assembly Service we hear what is behind the today's invitation to a joyful and different sharing. After the meeting of Action Groups which came out of Retreat 2015 on 29th the whole group felt that is time to change things. Today we will be holding together a collective space of silence, we will be holding collective space in silence ...... ....we will be receiving inspirations as individual members of collective aspiration.... The General Meeting on the report on Action Groups of Retreat will happen on Saturday 19th of September in Unity Pavilion, International Zone.

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Adventures with Johnny- The story

What actually happened to Johnny? Get all the details of the drama from the man himself, an adventure that brings the best out of Auroville.

Comments: 4 Date: 19 Aug 2015

Victor volontaire d’UnLtd

UnLtd Tamil Nadu ( est une plateforme de lancement et d'accompagnement d'entreprises sociales cree par Gijs Spoor et basee a Auroville. Ces projets replacent les dynamiques economiques et l'innovation au service de la communaute en s'attaquant aux problemes sociaux et environnementaux majeurs (precarite, acces aux soins, alimentation, education, emancipation des femmes, developpement durable). Fort d'une equipe de 8 coachs, volontaires et nombre d'experts, l'incubateur offre aux porteurs de projets un suivi individualise avec un tuteur dedie, des temps collectifs de formation a la creation et la gestion d'entreprise sociale, des groupes de partage et d'enseignement mutuel ainsi que la mise en contact avec des partenaires exterieurs, investisseurs et mecenes pour perenniser leur activite. Victor Michud (HEC Paris) est responsable des operations, il evoque son parcours, les projets soutenus par l'incubateur, les perspectives d'entrepreneuriat social a Auroville et les problematiques propres a l'incubation sociale.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 Oct 2015

Newly proposed Entry Policy – GM

This is the recording of the General Meeting on the newly proposed Entry Policy.

From the Auroville Council:

"Dear community members,
We have received some feedback from some members in the community that they did not receive the
massmail from RAS with the possibility of giving feedback. They have over 1500 people in their list already and are looking into why some have been missed out. Kindly write to to add yourself into the mailing list for the future.

In addition to the RAS
massmail, the Auroville Council made an announcement in the N&N and Auronet 3 weeks ago with the documents of the new Entry Policy requesting feedback directly to the We had also said that if you are not a computer user, our secretary will print a copy out for you.

If, despite our efforts, you have somehow missed out on reading this new policy, you can access it here:

We take this opportunity to warmly welcome everyone to the GM this afternoon at 4:30 pm in Unity Pavilion on the same topic. Dinner afterward at Le Zephyr!

Privilege to volunteer

Dominique from SAVI - service which helps volunteers to find their placement in Auroville services and units shares with updates on the new law requirements on strict visa policy for different types of foreigners. Indian Governement would like to be more strict with visas issued for those who would like to volunteer, and by new policy since June 2015 those who want to volunteer need an entry visa for six months or a year. With tourist visa is no longer possible to volunteer.
Working Committee posted a note on that on 6th of June 2015, and 8th of August in News&Notes.

When one would like to volunteer or study in Auroville , SAVI created a page
where one can find all the necessary information, including the visas pages

Auroville Community Network

The educational research network of Auroville is being set up with 15km of Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) to 17 building clusters. This will be completed by December 2015 but covers about 15% of Auroville.
The next part of the project is to connect other buildings, units and residences and provide community services such as:

· Community wide (intercom) telephony
· Broadcast of AV Radio & TV, meetings, seminars and events
· Tele-services in education, health care and outreach
· Audio/ Video/ Web conferencing / Community browsing centres to make the services available to one and all
· E-surveillance of sensitive mobility areas
· Digital archives

The goal of this project is to create a platform to:

1. Enable borderless participation and collaboration in manifesting the Dream
2. Provide eco-friendly alternatives to travel within Auroville and outside
3. Expand the presence of Auroville beyond the geographical area of the City
Implementing this project by 2018 creates a new window to make Auroville belong to the whole of Humanity during the 50th Anniversary of Auroville.

Network Team: Anand, Chandresh, Dyuman, JV (Remote Participation) and Manu

To download the Power Point presentation Click Here.

The presentation was recorded in SAIIER Conference Hall.

Koodam in Kailash first meeting

Koodam is a center that serves individuals and groups who need support with:

Facilitation and
Conflict transformation.

Koodam aims to enable a shift in our attitude towards difficult conversations, communication blocks and conflict, away from the idea of wrong vs. right and a judiciary system - towards the idea of multiple truths, conflict transformation and taking responsibility to engage with our own challenges.

A Critique-high-rise high-density

Talk by Ashok Lall took place in Auroville on the 22nd August covering the Genesis of high rise living, ‘social health’ of high rise living, Limits of density, economics of high rise development, environmental outputs, land utilization and mobility, followed by Q&A with a panel comprising of Sanjay Prakash, Tanmay Tathagath and Dean D’Cruz and Ashok Lall; all well know in India for their work in Sustainable Habitat.

Ashok Lall is an architect from New Delhi, Ex-dean of the TVB school of Architecture - ND, was convener of the Delhi Urban Arts Commission Work group on Energy. His work includes projects like the Indian Institute of Health Management Research, Jaipur; Sehgal Foundation, Gurgaon and Development Alternatives World Headquarters, New Delhi.

He is well wisher of Auroville and has helped with inputs on planning and architecture whenever requested by Auroville. This talk was organised as part of a two day meeting held in Auroville by the Gubbi Alliance for Sustainable Habitat.

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