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Viria on AV Hoops 2015

Viria tells us the story of AV Hoops one a of the 6 basketball team in Auroville. Motivation came back when he and 4 other players decided to boost the team in order to bring it back to play on a regular basis and compete matches.
"By the players for the players" is their slogan and the idea is to play to play not to play to win, team spirit and fun is the goal and independence the best way to avoid sports corruption related with the business around it.

New creation offers them a great brand new playground which even welcomes audience with a place to sit. Games were running every saturdays and rehearsals on mondays, wednesdays and saturdays at 5:30pm, come and check out a great team with a great spirit.
For the games schedule go on Facebook "AV hoops".

Comments: 0 Date: 27 Jun 2015

Lilith Fashion School Presents..!

This Sat in the Visitors Center a short film created by the students of the Lilith Fashion School, Auroville's first apprenticeship program for its youth. Chandrah and Vanitha speak about their experience in the school and of the six months it took to make the film!
A good occasion to support the youth of Auroville in a fun and relaxing manner!

Comments: 1 Date: 03 Jun 2015

RAS New Office

In conversation with Inge celebrating the new office in the Town Hall. The RAS (Resident Assembly Service), for the first time have an office from where they can address the queries of the Aurovillian.

Comments: 0 Date: 20 May 2015

GM on Mangalam Radial- Pony farm

The General Meeting on the topic of the planned Pony Farm road was attended by well over 170 people.
The atmosphere was convivial and mature despite the opposing point of views. The diversity of people present, proved that many care deeply for the development of Auroville despite the differences in priorities, there was also a will for a collaborative way to be found. The RAS made an exemplary job by providing extensive information on the topic in the form of; Maps, images, background information and objections prior to the meeting. The RAS focus was to find tools and processes for joint ventures between residents and working group, however the various presentations and Q and A sessions took most of the time.

This recording has been re-edited and kept in its full length.


Comments: 0 Date: 08 Apr 2015

Reviving Tradition

Within the orientation to Auroville and Sustainable Livelihood Institute two day program we managed to talk with one of the participants Sreelekha from Tamindrenvan. With Sustainable Livelihood Institute  Sreelekha feels that rural areas of Tamil Nadu are supported by government but her biggest inspiration in past two days came through the message of Auroville to go back, and respect local tradition in many ways, and organic farming with healthy  food, which is widely served around here. She is looking forward to share with  people her insights and continue with livelihood programs and consultations.

Comments: 0 Date: 26 Jun 2015

Free-wheeling with Laxma Goud

Laxma Goud is an renowned artist from India, who has held exhibitions around the world. On his maiden work visit to Auroville he talks to Auroville Radio about his journey in the field of art, his inspirations, his work and the future of art.

Felix on World Heritage Facts

Aryadeep interviews Felix Tessier who has experience regarding the World Heritage status.
Aryadeep is known for his efforts and concern towards procuring and safe-guarding the Auroville lands. In this interview you will learn from an expert the pros and cons of this status and what it will or wont do for us and how to go about it.

Comments: 0 Date: 15 May 2015

Open Session with L’AvenirTDC-RAS

The Residents' Assembly Service and L'avenir d'Auroville invited residents to an Open Session on City Planning. There is no agenda for this meeting, just SPACE for Questions and Answers.
It is planed to have regular meetings like this in the future to improve the possibility for the residents to be active and participate.

Comments: 0 Date: 21 Jun 2015

Work-life-balance in Auroville

For people like Deepti who has been volunteering in Auroville gives an opportunity to experience life the way it should be. Auroville provides perfect work-life-balance along with people from different cultures. Such an environment not only allows you to prosper in you work but also widens your horizon about humanity. These things make Auroville a perfect destination for people who seeks to live life.

Comments: 0 Date: 20 May 2015

Reach For the Stars

Before her departure to Germany Stephanie, the funder of the project "Reach For the Stars" for students of bioregion, has stop at our studio, and share with us some facts and insights on it.
This year the project will be 5 years old and in that period all together 61 young adults from Auroville neighboring villages participated. Stephanie with the team of 8 people created a bridge between private donors, mostly from Germany, and children who are either coming from poorer or nonfunctional families. Personal interaction, and support on many levels is present, which creates a different relationship with care and responsibilities on both sides.
Those youngster participating in the project are given scholarship to pursue their academic education, and up to today 13 of them have already finished, amongst one is a medical student.

Comments: 0 Date: 17 Apr 2015
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